Best car floor mats for 4Runner 2004: Comparisons and Review

4Runner 2004 is one of the most popular vehicles on the streets in Japan. It has been the choice for many people who are looking to get rid of their old car and start again without having to carry heavy bags as well as not having to worry about parking. With a reasonable price tag, this vehicle is a great option for people who want to improve the safety of their life and give their children the best opportunity to reach their goals. In addition, it’s also a great value for those who want to ensure that their 4Runner always looks its best.

Best car floor mats for 4Runner 2004

Kiwi Master Floor Mats Compatible for 2013-2022 Toyota 4Runner, 2014-2022 Lexus GX460 Accessories All Weather Mat Front Rear 2 Row Seat TPE Slush Liner Black
  • PERFECT FIT TOYOTA 4RUNNER MAT-Compatible with Toyota 4Runner 2013-2022 and Lexus GX460.Your Toyota 4Runner’s floorboard was digitally modeled on a computer and measured to precisely match the cabin contours of your vehicle.
  • LEXUS GX460 ALL-WEATHER FLOOR MATS- The tough and stylish floor mats offer unbeatable carpet protection for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at you. They perfectly fit the contours of your vehicle. This innovative design protects the pricey, difficult-to-clean carpet in your car from mud, snow, water, and debris. essential floor mats to shield your car from spills and messes.
  • KIWI MASTER floor mats are made with high-density TPE materials, allowing for a rigid core for strength while offering surface friction to the carpet and a tactile feel to the surface. Your complete safety, even in extremely hot weather, is guaranteed by the non-toxic and odorless TPE material, which has no latex, cadmium, lead, or potentially harmful PVC.
Car Floor Mats Compatible with 2013-2021 4Runner & 2014-2021 GX460, Custom Fit Black TPE All Weather Protection Front & Rear Seat Floor Liners
  • Utilizing 3D laser scanning technology, it can perfectly fit the contours of the car floor and provide the front and rear with complete protection. It is compatible with the 2013–2021 4Runner and the 2014–2021 GX460.
  • Say goodbye to PVC material floor mats with TPE material floor mats, which are highly resilient, comfortable for your feet, and most importantly, safe and environmentally friendly.
  • The arc-shaped design and diverting groove can effectively stop water or mud from pouring into the car, better protecting your prized automobile and being environmentally friendly in all weather conditions such as rain, snow, etc.
Floor Mat Liner Compatible with 4Runner 2013 & 4Runner/GX460 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022, Medesasi TPE Rubber OEM Front & 2nd Seat Black All-Weather Guard Heavy Duty Floor Mats Liners
  • Vehicles with vinyl flooring cannot use floor mats compatible with 2013 4Runner and the 2014–2018 4Runner/GX460.
  • Each contour was custom-fit and a perfect fit. To ensure safe driving, floor mats can be used with factory hooks and fasteners to effectively stop them from coming off or getting caught under your gas pedal.
  • TPE rubber floor mats have concave-convex patterns to maximize capturing salt, snow, filthy mud, trash, water, and spilled coffee from flowing into the carpet, keeping things tidy, even if you have kids and dogs, and preventing things from getting dirty.
  • The front and rear floor liners are simple to clean; all you need to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth. Alternatively, you can remove the dirty mats, rinse them in water, let them air dry, and then replace them so they look brand new.
bfdHusky Liners Weatherbeater Series | Front & 2nd Seat Floor Liners – Black | 99571 | Fits 2014-2022 Lexus GX460, 2013-2022 Toyota 4Runner 3 Pcs
  • Each liner is precisely molded to the precise contours of your unique ride thanks to our FormFit Design process.
  • Your liners will stay firmly in place thanks to our unique StayPut Cleats.
  • Our durable sports liner material is unmatched in its ability to withstand abuse.
  • produced in the USA.
VIWIK Floor Mats Compatible with 2013-2022 4Runner / 2014-2022 GX460, Car Mats All Weather Protection Full Set Liner Include 1th and 2nd Row Front & Rear, Automotive Floor Mats TPE Black
  • 2013-2014-2015-2016-2017-2018-2019-2020-2021-2022 compatible.From 2014 to 2022, Precise Fit Toyota 4Runner and Lexus GX460. With the aid of 3D laser scanning technology, the front and back are completely protected, providing the front and back with the greatest amount of coverage.
  • Weather Resistance: To perfectly protect your car in all weather conditions and to keep the floor of your vehicle clean and immaculate year-round, a special groove and raised edges were created.
  • No-Slip Grip Safety Design: VIWIK floor mats’ ergonomic no-slip grooves offer a great, sturdy, and long-lasting grip. They also keep the mats from slipping even when they’re wet, which is great for babies and the elderly.
MIROZO Floor Mats Compatible for 2013-2022 Toyota 4Runner, 2014-2022 Lexus GX460, All Weather Protection Custom Fit Floor Liners Front and 2nd Row Seat Floor Mats
  • Custom Fit: 2 front floor mats and 1 rear floor liner are available for the 2013–2021 Toyota 4Runner and the 2014–2019 Lexus GX460. They were all created using cutting-edge 3D laser scanning technology, which allows for precise internal space arrangement.
  • ROUGH & DURABLE: Car floor mats are made of TPE material, which has much higher durability and texture than PVC material. It also has a three-layer protection design, which feels good in the hand and is very wear-resistant while still being able to maintain flexibility. This is favorable to preserving the car’s value.
  • It is secure and usable in all weather conditions (rain, fog, and snow). Custom floor mats feature a 3D non-slip groove design with a sense of technology that can collect snow, mud, and water to stop unintentional slipping and ensure the safety of passengers.
WeatherTech Custom Fit FloorLiner for Toyota 4Runner / Lexus GX – 1st & 2nd Row (Black)
  • Fits 2013-2019 Toyota 4Runner, 2014-2019 Lexus GX and is made in the United States!
  • Measured with a laser for a perfect fit.
  • It comes with a high lip to hold liquids.
  • Simple to install
LASFIT Floor Mats Fit for 2014-2022 Toyota 4Runner / Lexus GX460 (Fit for 5-Passenger) All Weather Car Liners
Visit the LASFIT Store
  • Modern 3D laser scanning technology guarantees a perfect custom fit and complete coverage for your car model. LASFIT floor mats perfectly accommodate vehicle-specific floor carpets.
  • STRONG AND FLEXIBLE: Raised edges have been improved with the use of cutting-edge materials, allowing our floor liners to last a very long time and be so durable that they hardly ever lose their original shape.
  • We use an environmentally friendly TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) for a plush finish and a plush finish. It is recyclable and non-skid.
Car Floor Mats Fit for Toyota 4Runner 1988-2022 Custom Making All Weather Non-Slip Leather Floor Liners ( Select: for 4Runner 2007-2016/Black-Red 
  • Compatible with the 4Runner 2007-2016, Please email us with any questions. We look forward to assisting you.
  • Customized does not obstruct the use of the brake and accelerator pedals, nor does it obstruct the car seat’s ability to be adjusted.
  • comfortable The inner layer of semi-hard XPE foam reduces foot fatigue, making the product more comfortable to use and acting as a sound barrier for quieter rides.
  • Installation Waterproof and fireproof materials can be cleaned before use with clean water and a rag. Car mats are simple to put in and take out without any tools.
ISSYAUTO Floor Mats Compatible with Toyota 4Runner 2013-2022 & Lexus GX460 2014-2022, All-Weather Guard Floor Liners Car Mats Cover, Front & Rear Full 1st and 2nd Row, Black
  • Custom Fit Weather Floor Mats for the 2013-2021-2022 4Runner and the 2014-2021-2022 GX460. The interior carpet is completely and precisely lined by hand.
  • The TPE Tri-extruded Composition of All Weather Guard Ensures Complete Safety, Complete Odorlessness, and Complete Environmentally Friendly in All Weather (rain, fog, snow, etc.). They offer a superb, rugged, and tough grip. There Must Be No Slipping.
  • TPE is 300 percent more temperature resistant than PVC and is stronger and more durable. The mats don’t smell and have no latex, cadmium, lead, or any other harmful plastic. The high-tensile polyethylene material is not only comfortable and highly wear-resistant, but it also keeps its flexibility in extremely cold temperatures.

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