Best car floor mats for Infiniti QX60: Comparisons and Review

This is one of those cars that you see everywhere. A lot of people have a hard time deciding what color their Infiniti QX60 should be. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Our car floor mats offer a wide variety of options to choose from, so there are no excuses not to buy one! Whether you want black, yellow, or white, there’s probably a color of mat that will fit your vehicle. Our car floor mats are easy to install and remove, so you can save money on those expensive vehicle maintenance expenses!

Best car floor mats for Infiniti QX60

SMARTLINER Custom Fit Floor Mats 2 Row Liner Set Black Compatible with 2013-2020 Nissan Pathfinder / 2013 Infiniti JX35 / 2014-2020 QX60
  • All-weather, stain-resistant protection enhances the interior appearance and resale value of your car, van, truck, or SUV.
  • CUSTOM FIT: The raised lip and unique design, created using cutting-edge vehicle scanning technology, guarantee a perfect fit that shields the carpet floor of your car from the elements, spills, and other messes.
  • EASY TO INSTALL & CLEAN-A textured, skid-resistant surface that is made entirely of recyclable materials provides 100% odorless protection and is simple to clean with a hose or soap and water.
  • This product is strong, long-lasting, simple to install, and covered by a small lifetime warranty.
Lwope Car Floor Mats Custom Fit for 2014-2020 Infiniti QX60/2013-2020 Nissan Pathfinder/2013 Infiniti JX35 Black Rubber All Weather Protection Auto Floor Liners Heavy Duty Odorless
  • High-Quality Material & Tasteless: The product uses high-quality rubber material, which is corrosion resistant and difficult to deform. It also maintains the air in the vehicle’s environment by preventing the development of any strange odors.
  • Strong Grip & Safety Upgrade: The product has excellent floor fixation capabilities, is difficult to move once in use, and is safer and more secure.
  • Unique & Personalized Design: The personalized design keeps everything inside the mats, protects your car floor from damage from sand, mud, water, dirt, oil, battery acid, and everything else, keeps the carpet dry and easy to clean, and increases the resale value of your car.
Orealtrend Car Mats Replacement for Floor Liners Infiniti QX60 2014-2020 / JX35 2013 / Pathfinder 2013-2020 All Weather Black Front Rear Car Carpet Custom Fit Durable Easy Clean
  • Our floor liners are safe, odorless, tough, and long-lasting. They contain no latex, cadmium, lead, or harmful PVCs, and they are weather-resistant and environmentally friendly (rain, fog, snow, etc.). Excellent touch feel, weather, wear, and temperature resistance are all provided by high tensile TPE material, which is also flexible.
  • All-Weather & Full Coverage Guard: The tough and sporty floor mats perfectly fit the contours of your vehicle and provide unrivaled carpet protection for whatever mother nature throws at you. This innovative design protects the pricey, difficult-to-clean carpet in your car from mud, snow, water, and debris. Floor mats are a necessity to shield your car from spills.
  • The dirt and mud on the pad can be cleaned by simply shaking it or by using a regular hose; without maintenance, the product’s durability can be preserved for a very long time.
Landro Car Floor Mats Replacement for 2014-2020 Infiniti QX60/ 2013 Infiniti JX35/ 2013-2020 Pathfinder Custom Fit Odorless Carpets Durable All Weather Liners
  • Due to the environmentally friendly TPE materials used to make our floor mats, your car will no longer smell bad.
  • Our floor mats are weather and season-appropriate, waterproof, and stain-resistant.
  • Built for sturdiness and thick, heavy-duty, odorless mats and liners that are tough in all weather and flexible for floor contours.
  • Maintain the immaculate condition of your car’s floor in all weather.
Car Floor Mats Fit for Infiniti QX60 2014-2022 Custom Making All Weather Non-Slip Leather Floor Liners ( Select: for QX60 2014-2018/Black )
  • Customized does not obstruct the use of the brake and accelerator pedals, nor does it obstruct the car seat’s ability to be adjusted.
  • Comfortable The inner layer of semi-hard XPE foam reduces foot fatigue, making the product more comfortable to use and acting as a sound barrier for quieter rides.
  • Installation Waterproof and fireproof materials can be cleaned before use with clean water and a rag. Car mats are simple to put in and take out without any tools.
TuxMat Custom Car Floor Mats for Infiniti QX60 2014-2021 Models – Laser Measured, Largest Coverage, Waterproof, All Weather. The Best Infiniti QX60 Accessory. (Black)
  • Because we laser scans every vehicle’s carpet area, TuxMat will cover the most carpeted area possible. The driver’s side footrest or dead pedal area is entirely enclosed. The middle hump in the back row of vehicles is always covered. TuxMat will typically align with your car’s plastic side panels; where necessary, side clips are included to add extra security.
  • APPEARANCE: The top layer’s material is crafted to blend in with the majority of cars’ leather interiors. Your car’s opulent interior is completed as a result. The material is three-layered, with a top layer of PVC for durability and a uniform texture; a middle layer of EVA for a long-lasting vertical structure; and a bottom layer of anti-skid fabric to safeguard your car’s carpet.
  • The TuxMat is intended to be an all-weather car floor mat. They are the best winter mats to handle salt and other unwanted debris because we are a Canadian company. The material is completely waterproof in its top two layers. Salt and other typical natural elements won’t harm TuxMat in any way. The driver’s mat has a robust heel pad installed to reduce wear and tear.
SureMart Custom Car Floor Mats for Infiniti QX60 2014-2018 All Weather Floor Liners Front Rear Car Leather Mat Carpet Auto Interior Black Beige
  • It is made of high-quality XPE leather with excellent anti-slip and scratch properties. strong and resistant to damage. The product has good resilience thanks to the elastic sponge.
  • Safety is made of non-toxic materials that have no negative effects on the human body or the environment. It won’t affect how the seat moves or how the pedals are used.
  • It’s easy to install and clean; installation takes ten minutes and doesn’t require any special tools. Simply wipe with a wet towel; there is no need to wash with water.
Custom Car Floor Mats for Infiniti QX60 2014-2018 Leather Custom Fit All-Weather Protection Floor Liners Waterproof Foot Pad Carpets Black
  • PU leather waterproof floor liner. The leather car floor mats are carefully embroidered using the high-elastic, environmentally friendly sponge, keeping the brake throttle design safe and stable.
  • A comfortable ride: The inner layer of semi-hard XPE foam reduces foot fatigue, acts as a sound barrier for quieter rides, and makes the product more user-friendly.
  • Waterproof and fireproof materials make it simple to clean before use with a rag and clean water. Car mats are simple to put in and take out without any tools. Before installing our product, the factory-installed car floor mat must be taken out. Otherwise, the items might not work together.
Car Floor Mats for Infiniti QX60 2019-2022, Leather Luxury Floor Liner All Weather Protection Carpet, Gray
  • Material: strong wear and scratch resistance, no smell, good touch, high-quality, environmentally friendly leather, among other qualities.
  • It is simple to install, waterproof, non-slip, even in the snow; do not worry about the car; and very simple to clean; all that is needed is a towel to wipe the surface.
  • Specifically designed for the vehicle, and perfectly sized for your vehicle, it does not interfere with the use of the brake and accelerator pedals, nor does it interfere with the ability to adjust the car seat.
VIWIK Floor Mats Compatible for 2013-2020 Pathfinder 7 Seat/ 2014-2020 QX60/ 2013 JX35, Car Mats All Weather Custom Floor Liners Full Set Include 1st 2nd 3rd Row, Automotive Floor Mats TPE Black
  • TPE MATERIAL OF EXCELLENCEThese odorless, 100% TPE-made floor liners will help you get rid of that bad car smell. They are also completely environmentally friendly. They are designed from birth to be extremely clean, comfortable, and long-lasting. No stiff, out-of-shape, or broken problems.
  • Protection from all weather: The automotive floor mats are perfectly designed to protect your car in all weather conditions by having tough ridges, channels, and raised edges that can easily trap all types of liquid, scraps, mud, dirt, sand, and snow, among other things. The car floor mats are especially dependable, performing well in extremely hot, cold, or corrosive environments.
  • It’s non-slip and simple to clean. For your safety, while driving and moving around, rugged ridges are also designed. Non-skid corner nibs provide strong retention and guarantee that the floor mats remain stationary. You can be sure that both young children and adults can freely use the floor mats. Simply wipe the mats down with a wet cloth when cleaning them, or remove them from the car and rinse and dry them.