Best car floor mats for Subaru Legacy: Comparisons and Review

Subaru devotees have a long history of brand loyalty. The Subaru Legacy does have a few drawbacks, but it might soon become obsolete. Installing floor mats in their cars is the most recent craze among Subaru enthusiasts. Floor mats are excellent because they can keep your car clean and help to avoid accidents. There are various kinds of floor mats that fit different cars, but we advise you to pick one that matches your car.

Best car floor mats for Subaru Legacy

Ucaskin Car Floor Mats Custom Fit for Subaru Outback / Subaru Legacy 2020 2021 2022 Odorless Washable Rubber Foot Carpet Heavy Duty Anti-Slip All Weather Protection Car Floor Liner-Black
  • This car floor liner was made of eco-friendly soft rubber, which is odorless even at high temperatures and suitable for all weather conditions (-30°F to 160°F). It is also free of formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals, so it won’t harm your health. A thick, durable car floor mat that is soft, flexible, and bends easily will give you more durability.
  • Deep hexagon design keeps all items inside the mats; helps protect your car’s floor from damage from sand, mud, water, dirt, oil, battery acid, and everything else; keeps the carpet dry and is simple to clean;
  • ‘EASY INSTALLATION & CLEAN’: All of our floor mats are simple to install and clean.
Fits 2015-2019 Subaru Outback / 2015-2019 Subaru Legacy Floor Mats Front & 2nd Row Seat Liner Set All Weather Full Set Liners (Black)
  • Fits Subaru Outback and Legacy models manufactured between 2015 and 2019.
  • Utilizing 3D laser scanning, a perfect fit is achieved without cutting.
  • The liners’ textured, skid-resistant surface is simple to clean by wiping.
  • The mats are non-toxic, odorless, and latex-free.
  • All-weather floor mats protect the carpet in your car from contamination such as water, oil, and dirt.
3D MAXpider Custom Fit Kagu Floor Mat (Black) for 2020-2022 Subaru Legacy / Outback – 1ST Row 2ND Row
  • The patented MAXpider Bottom Layer secures mats without causing damage to the original carpet like Velcro or leaving stains like traditional rubber floor mats’ nibs.
  • Designs that are three-dimensional, precisely measured to fit the cabin contours of your vehicles, and have raised edges provide the most coverage and protection for the interior of the vehicle, are waterproof, and effectively contain spills.
  • The surface layer of thermoplastic rubber with a carbon fiber texture to match your vehicles.
  • An inner layer of semi-hard XPE foam reduces foot fatigue and acts as a sound barrier for a quieter ride.
Orealtrend Black Floor Mats Liners Replacement for Subaru Legacy 2015-2019 Heavy Duty All Weather Guard Front and Rear Car Carpet-Custom Fit-Tough/Durable/Odorless
  • Our floor liners are safe, odorless, tough, and long-lasting. They contain no latex, cadmium, lead, or harmful PVCs, and they are weather-resistant and environmentally friendly (rain, fog, snow, etc.). Excellent touch feel, weather, wear, and temperature resistance are all provided by high tensile TPE material, which is also flexible.
  • All-Weather & Full Coverage Guard: The tough and sporty floor mats perfectly fit the contours of your vehicle and provide unrivaled carpet protection for whatever mother nature throws at you. This innovative design protects the pricey, difficult-to-clean carpet in your car from mud, snow, water, and debris. Floor mats are a necessity to shield your car from spills.
  • The dirt and mud on the pad can be cleaned by simply shaking it or by using a regular hose; without maintenance, the product’s durability can be preserved for a very long time.
OEDRO Floor Mats Compatible for 2015-2019 Subaru Outback/Legacy, Black TPE All Weather Guard 1st and 2nd Row Liners
  • The TPE tri-extruded composition ensures 100 percent safety, 100 percent odorlessness, and 100 percent environmental friendliness in any weather (rain, fog, snow, etc.).They offer a fantastic, strong, and resilient grip. There will be no slipping.
  • 300 percent more temperature resistance than PVC; tough and long-lasting. The mats have no latex, cadmium, lead, or potentially harmful PVCs, and they have no odor. The high-tensile TPE material is not only comfortable and highly wear-resistant, but it also keeps its flexibility in very cold temperatures.
  • EASY TO CLEAN-Easily wipes down. They won’t shed, they won’t build up stains, and they are simple to clean. Your car’s carpets can be quickly and easily restored to brand-new condition! High-density core materials keep your car and shoes clean by trapping liquid, milk, snow, dirt, sand, etc.
YITAMOTOR Custom Fit Floor Mats Compatible with 2020-2023 Subaru Outback/Legacy, Unique Black TPE All-Weather Guard Includes 1st & 2nd Row Full Floor Liners Set
  • SAFE & DURABLE: YITAMOTOR floor liners are made of odorless, non-toxic TPE material, guaranteeing complete safety even in the sweltering heat. There are no harmful PVCs, latex, cadmium, or lead in the product. High tensile TPE material keeps its flexibility in even the coldest temperatures while also offering an excellent feel and extreme wear resistance.
  • PROTECTION FROM ALL WEATHER AND NON-SLIPPERY: In order to keep your car and shoes clean, the specially designed channels and raised edges can successfully trap liquids, snow, and sand. The hooks can effectively keep the mats from slipping, even in wet conditions. Both children and the elderly can use the mats.
  • The textured, skid-resistant surface is simple to clean. Shake them out or spray them down with a hose to remove them instead of using heavy vacuums or harsh chemicals.
OEDRO Floor Mats Compatible for 2020-2023 Subaru Legacy/Outback, Unique Black TPE All-Weather Guard, 1st and 2nd Row Liners Set
  • OEDRO floor mats will completely shield the interior carpet of the vehicle from precipitation, fog, snow, liquids, debris, and other messes. This liner gives your pickup a neat appearance while raising its market value.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL-TPE material, which is odorless and non-toxic, is tough, durable, and simple to clean. It outperforms traditional PVC in terms of flexibility, wears resistance, and heat resistance.
  • No Sliding-Snap in clips keeps this car liner set in place and prevent it from moving or getting in the way of the pedals.
Lwope Car Floor Mats Custom Fit for Subaru Outback/Legacy 2020 2021 2022 Black Rubber All Weather Protection Auto Floor Liners Heavy Duty Odorless
  • High-Quality Material & Tasteless: The product uses high-quality rubber material, which is corrosion resistant and difficult to deform. It also maintains the air in the vehicle’s environment by preventing the development of any strange odors.
  • Strong Grip & Safety Upgrade: The product has excellent floor fixation capabilities, is difficult to move once in use, and is safer and more secure.
  • Unique & Personalized Design: The personalized design keeps everything inside the mats, protects your car floor from damage from sand, mud, water, dirt, oil, battery acid, and everything else, keeps the carpet dry and easy to clean, and increases the resale value of your car.
  • Cleanliness and durability. The durability of the product itself can be maintained for a very long time without maintenance; simply clean the dirt and mud off the pad with a regular hose.
ANBINGO Floor Mats Custom for 2020 2021 2022 2023 Subaru Outback/Legacy Waterproof Car Mats All Weather Mats Guard Odorless Heavy Duty TPE Automotive Floor Liners Accessories Front& Rear Row Set Black
  • ANBINGO car floor mats are made of environmentally friendly TPE material, which is completely non-toxic, odorless, secure, and devoid of heavy metals.
  • The interior of the car will be safer and more comfortable for your family thanks to the automotive floor mats, which can be used in any weather and have no smell even in high temperatures.
  • All-weather Guard: The TPE material used in our car floor mats guarantees that they are completely safe, completely odorless, and environmentally friendly. The car mat can be used in any weather (rain, fog, salt, snow, etc.), and it retains its flexibility at temperatures as low as -58 °F and as high as 167 °F.
  • Simple to clean: If there is any dust, dirt, or sand on the mat, it only takes a few minutes to wipe it off with water or a damp towel thanks to its effective waterproof surface design. All-weather car floor mats are convenient and easy to install, taking only ten minutes and requiring no special tools. Please remove the old car mats before installing the new floor liners as they are fastened to the original vehicle by the buckle. It’s quick and simple to restore the pristine appearance of your car’s rubber floor mats!
Car Floor Mats for Subaru Legacy 2016-2022, Leather Luxury Floor Liner All Weather Protection Carpet, Black Beige
  • Material: strong wear and scratch resistance, no smell, good touch, high-quality, environmentally friendly leather, among other qualities.
  • It is simple to install, waterproof, non-slip, even in the snow; do not worry about the car; and very simple to clean; all that is needed is a towel to wipe the surface.
  • Specifically designed for the vehicle, perfectly sized for your vehicle, it does not interfere with the use of the brake and accelerator pedals, nor does it interfere with the ability to adjust the car seat.