Best Cargo Liners & Trunk Mats (Top 10 Reviews)

Searching for the best cargo liner that meets all your demands? Cargo is a place where you put lots of things. Sometimes, these things can make your trunk dirty. That’s why you need a cargo mat to avoid dust, grime, and spills.

This article will review some of the best trunk mats on the market recently and help you choose one for your car.

5 Best Cargo Liners – Quick View

1. Motor Trend Premium FlexTough All-Protection Cargo Liner SEE LATEST PRICE
2. Genuine Toyota Cargo Liner SEE LATEST PRICE
3. WeatherTech FRD ESCP Cargo Liner SEE LATEST PRICE
4. E-cowlboy Trunk Cargo Liner SEE LATEST PRICE
5. VESUL Waterproof Cargo Liner SEE LATEST PRICE

In-depth Reviews Of The Best Cargo Liners

1. Motor Trend Premium FlexTough All-Protection Cargo Liner – Best Material


It is undeniable that the Motor Trend is an all-around trunk liner. It is 54 inches long and 37 inches wide with a compatibility design. With just a pair of scissors, you can trim it to match your car’s floor outlines. The installation process is also very simple.

These mats are made of high-quality rubber polymers. The manufacturer has tested them under extreme conditions to ensure they don’t deform, crack, or split. The material is non-toxic and odorless, so they don’t give off any unpleasant smell and harm your health.

Furthermore, rubberized nibs are attached at the bottom to keep the mat in place. This rubber cargo mat is also built to withstand dirt, snow, rain, and mud. It has deep-dish protection to avoid debris or spills.

With all this design, it provides constant heavy-duty protection for your trunk with the ability to endure all weather conditions.

However, it is complicated for you to trim the mat, which is the only drawback.


  • High compatibility and simple installation
  • High durability material
  • Deep-dish protection


  • Hard to trim

2. Genuine Toyota Cargo Liner: Best For Fitting Various Models


If you need a mat that can fit various models, this is the way to go. You can also trim it to fit your trunk. Besides its original design for the 2015 RAV4, it is compatible with 70 different variants, including 2013-2018 versions.

Another strong point is the easy installation and cleaning on this type of mat. The material of the Genuine Toyota mat is also weather-resistant, which means it can protect the carpets in your trunk area and keep both snow and grime out.

Made of long-lasting rubber, this flexible and tough trunk floor mat can carry a wide range of items without any problems. 

Still, as this material gives out a strong odor, you may find it irritating to get used to it. It’s the first drawback you may suffer from. Another flaw of the mat is that it can slip easily on the carpet.


  • Enhanced protection against snow and dirt
  • High compatibility
  • Fit various models


  • Slip easily on the carpet
  • Strong odor at first

3. WeatherTech FRD ESCP Cargo Liner: Best For Keeping Goods In Place


The most impressive thing about WeatherTech FRD ESCP is that it can keep all your shopping bags or boxes in place. The mat’s textured finish can do a great job in preventing them from sliding around.

This American liner is designed for specific Escape models, and it is made of a unique tri-extruded polymer that is non-slippery and durable in all climates. Consequently, it can protect your car in cold weather without any problems. 

The liners have a higher outside lip that helps to keep spills, dirt, and liquid contained. It also provides good inside protection against many sorts of wear and tear. Apart from those outstanding functions, it can also protect your car from debris and spillage.

However, according to many customers, the cargo mat is quite thin and flimsy.


  • Available in cold weather without any problems
  • High outside lip that helps to keep spills
  • Designed for specific Escape


  • Thin and flimsy

4. E-cowlboy Trunk Cargo Liner: Best For Drainage


E-cowlboy fits when utilized in Mazda CX-5 version 2017-2021. So if you don’t have a Mazda, you should consider the rest of their product line.

This SUV cargo liner impresses most customers thanks to its simple design and the straightforward installation. The cleaning process is also very simple.

E-cowlboy, a rubber trunk mat with advanced odorless, is of great quality and good for your health. This rubber is corrosion, water, and dirt resistant, and it has a long lifespan for extended durability. It provides all-weather protection as well as a tailored fit to avoid mishaps.

The best part is yet to come. This trunk liner has a slip-resistant surface. As a result, it can contain any type of spill. It also provides wide pockets so that the water can drain faster. This feature will come in handy when you happen to spill drinks or water on the truck but still have to travel for quite some time.

Nonetheless, the smell of the plastic is not that comfortable to get used to. Another downside is that it’s hard to clean the sand when it drops into the drains.


  • Wide pockets for superior drainage
  • Qualified material for your health
  • Slip-resistant surface


  • Hard to clean the sand when dropping into the drains.

5. VESUL Waterproof Cargo Liner: Best For Anti-scratch Properties


When it comes to VESUL products, this cargo liner is one of the most outstanding items due to its anti-scratch properties. The liner perfectly fits the trunk of all Kia Sportage 2017-2021. 

VESUL is composed of non-toxic and odorless polyolefin and rubber and has strong water resistance. The mat has raised edges to help protect it from dirt and spillage. With the help of this trunk liner, you can keep your back trunk clean at all times. 

The mat has raised edges to help protect it against dirt and spillage. With the help of this trunk liner, you can keep your back trunk clean at all times.  In addition to the impeccable matter, the mat has grains on the back to keep it in place all the time.

Nevertheless, there is a small negative point about it: it isn’t easy to clean the mat.


  • Perfectly fit all Kia Sportage 2017-2021
  • Raised edges to protect it against spillage and dirt 
  • Anti-scratch properties


  • Difficult to clean

Cargo Mats Buying Guide

Rim And Ridges

It’s best to choose a trunk mat or cargo liner that has high edges. Ensure they are high enough to prevent fluid from getting into the carpet. Even some rug models include high ridges and grooves that divert water away from the foot.

Under The Floor Mat

Under the mat is an area that is frequently overlooked and given very little attention. Every trunk floor mat generally has a locking system that keeps it from gliding off the surface. The ideal type of rug to buy is one with a lock that stays in place as you drive.


The width of your trunk floor mat strongly affects the convenience and absorption. We recommend choosing a thicker or deeper grooved mat, as this will keep your carpet clean at all times.


We suggest durable material for your trunk liners to protect your car from everyday depreciation when it comes to this criterion. 

Besides durability, you also need to consider non-toxic matter to protect your health. Rubber and plastic vinyl are some of the trusted materials for you.


Some trunk liners are designed for certain cars, while others are made to be trimmed off too. Thus, you can buy a generic mat and make it fit perfectly in your vehicle.


You can get a carpeted cargo mat to ensure your comfort in your vehicle. It is more opulent but also more difficult to clean. So consider carefully before buying this type.

The Bottom Line

Every option we mentioned above can be the best cargo liner in particular circumstances. The Motor Trend Premium FlexTough All-Protection Cargo Liner will unquestionably be the most suitable one for you as it has high compatibility, high durability material, and deep-dish protection.

It’s your turn now to consider all the criteria and choose the best mat that lives up to your expectations. 

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