Best garage car floor mats for BMW X1: Comparisons and Review

Product Rating: Best garage car floor mats for BMW X1

Did you know that your BMW X1 has a floor mat? It’s true! A Floor Mats retailer like offers the best car floor mats for all types of BMWs, but we’ll focus on the X1 here. If you own or are considering purchasing a BMW, then you need to read this article and make sure you get the best floor mats for your vehicle.

Best garage car floor mats for BMW X1

Cartist Custom Fit for Floor Mats BMW X1 F48 2016-2022 All-Weather Floor Mats 2 Row Carpet Protection TPE Odorless
  • The floor liners are made to fit the following years: 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022. According to accurate vehicle information, the BMW X1 F48 doesn’t require trimming. It utilizes 3D scanning technology to perfectly fit and cover every nook and cranny.
  • The carpet floor mats are made of TPE, a brand-new material that is odorless, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. It is completely safe for your family and can withstand temperatures of up to 122°F. It is more temperature resistant than PVC.
SMARTLINER All Weather Custom Fit Floor Mats 1st Row Liner Set Black Compatible with 2016-2022 BMW X1 / 2018-2022 BMW X2
  • Compatible with BMW X1 models from 2018 to 2022.BMW X2 ALL WEATHER PROTECTION All-weather, stain-resistant protection that enhances the interior appearance and preserves the resale value of your car, van, truck, or SUV.
  • CUSTOM FIT: The raised lip and unique design, created using cutting-edge vehicle scanning technology, guarantee a perfect fit that shields the carpet floor of your car from the elements, spills, and other messes.
San Auto Car Floor Mats for BMW X1(2016-2022) 2AT(2015-2019) X2(2018-2022) F48 F45 F39 Custom Fit Full Black Rubber Auto Floor Liners Set All Weather Protection Heavy Duty Odorless
  • Appropriate Size & Adjustable: If you still need to adjust the size, you can trim it with scissors to fit your vehicle, which is designed with a decorative line.
  • Cleanliness and durability. Car Mats: The durability of the product itself can be maintained for a long time without maintenance; simply clean the dirt and mud off the pad using a standard hose.
Orealtrend Car Mats Replacement for BMW X1 F48 2016-2021 Floor Liners Heavy Duty All Weather Guard Black Front and Rear Car Carpet-Custom Fit-Tough/Durable/Odorless
  • Replacement floor mats for the 2016–2021 BMW X1 F48, featuring two front floor mats and one rear floor liner, as well as 3D laser scanning technology to completely cover and protect the front and rear.
  • safe, odorless, robust, and durable. Our floor liners are made of odorless, non-toxic TPE material, are made without latex, cadmium, lead, or any other potentially harmful PVC, and are weather-resistant (rain, fog, snow, etc). Excellent touch feel, weather, wear, and temperature resistance are all provided by high tensile TPE material, which is also flexible.
TuxMat Custom Car Floor Mats for BMW X1 2016-2022 Models – Laser Measured, Largest Coverage, Waterproof, All Weather. The Best BMW X1 Accessory. (Full Set – Black)
  • This complete set includes the front and back rows of your vehicle and is compatible with the platform. Floor mats were designed specifically for BMW X1 models from 2016 to 2022. Use with vehicles with manual transmissions is not advised. Although the quality and material are accurately represented in the images, the actual shape of the TuxMat may change depending on the specifications of your vehicle.
  • Because we laser scans every vehicle’s carpet area, TuxMat will cover the most carpeted area possible. The driver’s side footrest or dead pedal area is entirely enclosed. The middle hump in the back row of vehicles is always covered. TuxMat will typically align with your car’s plastic side panels; where necessary, side clips are included to add extra security.
3D MAXpider-L1BM07301509 All-Weather Floor Mats Compatible with BMW X1 2016-2021 / BMW X2 2018-2021 Custom Fit Car Floor Liners, Kagu Series (1st & 2nd Row, Black)
  • All-weather defense for the 3D MAXpider KAGU Series Floor Liners is designed to completely shield the interior from dirt, mud, salt, rain, and snow, keeping the floor of your car looking spotless and impeccable all year long.
  • THE PERFECT FIT – Using advanced laser scanning technology, each floor mat is custom-made for your car, offering maximum coverage in comparison to OEM and universal car mats. Dirt is prevented from entering the carpet’s underside by the raised side edges.
Croc Liner Floor Mats Front and Rear All Weather Custom Fit Floor Liner Compatible with BMW X1 (Black, 2016-2022)
  • The ideal protection for a vehicle’s floor is provided by the Croc Liner custom-fit floor mat.
  • Our tailored liner frequently has raised edges, a molded fit, and door-to-door floor coverage.
  • Debris and spilled liquids are trapped by the raised lips on the custom-fit liner’s outer edges.
TOUGHPRO Floor Mats Accessories Set (Front Row + 2nd Row) Compatible with BMW X1 All Weather Heavy Duty (Made in USA) Black Rubber 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
  • The Computerized Cut system with 3D Scan Patterns can be easily customized to meet the needs of the customer.
  • design of the mat from edge to edge for maximum protection and coverage.
  • It requires very little upkeep and is very simple to clean. Its high-capacity surface collects moisture, spills, debris, etc.
Fit for BMW X1 X2 X3 X4 X5 X6 X7 i3 i8 iX Z4 2005-2021 All Weather car Floor mats Leather car mat Full Coverage Floor mat Waterproof Floor mats Full Protection Floor mats
  • 1. Customized Design: A computerized cut system that uses 3D scan patterns can be used to measure the exact cabin contours of your car and create raised edges that provide the most coverage and protection for the interior of the car.
  • 2. STRONG GRIP AND SAFETY UPGRADE: Strong adhesion allows for effective floor fixing, makes it difficult to shift while in use, and makes it safer.
  • Skidproof and of high quality, this design can shield the goods from damage when your Tesla travels on rough terrain.
Croc Liner All Weather Cargo Liners Compatible with BMW X1 (2016-2022)
  • The custom-fit trunk liner from Croc Liner provides the ideal level of protection for your car’s trunk.
  • a surface that won’t slide. A high outside lip aids in spill containment.
  • when taken out of the secure packaging, had no smell.
  • It is not excessively heavy and thick.

Which Garage Floor Mats Are Best for Your BMW X1

The best garage floor mat for your BMW X1 depends on the type of vehicle you own and how much use you plan to put it through each day. For cars that only get lightly used, asphalt-based garage floor mats may be all you need. For cars that regularly spend time in or around an open-air space, rubberized or suede-lined garage floor mats may be better options.

Which Floor Mats Are the Right Size for Your BMW X1

There are a variety of mat sizes that are perfect for use in a BMW X1. The size of the floor mats will affect how well they’ll protect your car. Smaller mats may not be enough space to cover all the areas of the car, while larger mats may not fit at all on some cars.
Choose the right mat size for your BMW X1 based on your driving and transportation needs. If you need a smaller mat, consider choosing one that is less bulky or has small perforations in order to give it more breathability. If you’re looking for a large mat, choose one that will fit most cars without too much trouble.

Choose the Right Mats for Your BMW X1

When it comes to choosing garage floor mats, it’s important to consider what type of vehicle you’re using them for and what types of surfaces you want them to protect. For example, if you plan on using these mats for an SUV or luxury car, choose a mat made from durable rubber or plastic so your car won’t show signs of wear and tear over time. If you only plan on using them inside the car, choose a mat made from soft leather or cloth so they won’t cause any scratches or damage when being used outside the car.

How to Choose the Right Garage Floor Mats for Your BMW X1

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing garage floor mats for your BMW X1. In addition to the dimensions of your car, you should also consider the type of floor mat you want. The three types of garage floor mats are hardwood, rubber, and vinyl.
The hardwood floor mat is the most popular type and is best suited for vehicles with the following frame size: X1, X3, and X4. Hardwood floors can be pricey but they offer a high level of protection against scratches and dings. Rubber floor mats are good for cars that have the following frame sizes: E36 and E39. They’re also resistant to dirt and dust, but can be slippery if wet. Vinyl floor mats are good for all cars and are perfect for those who prefer not to have any physical contact with their car’s surface. They offer a more durable finish than rubber or hardwood floor mats and are often less expensive than both options.