Can you mix car engine oils?

When it comes to changing your engine oil, you may have some questions if you’re a novice driver or an automotive enthusiast. One frequently asked question is, “Can you mix engine oil?” While it’s technically possible to combine engine oils, it’s generally not recommended and you should do some research before doing so. Below, CarMats explores in the most detail what happens when engine oil is mixed below.

What Takes Place If Two Engine Oils Are Mixed?

Technically, mixing engine oils won’t hurt your engine as long as you follow a few simple rules about compatibility.

But if you mix engine oils without doing research, you could hurt the oil’s viscosity and other protective properties, like its ability to resist wear and oxidation.

Can I combine different brands of engine oil?

When mixing engine oil, there are a variety of different factors to take into account. Every product consists of a base, followed by a variety of additives, but every brand may also formulate its products slightly differently.

With these things in mind, mixing two different engine oils might lead to a difference in the oil’s performance and physical characteristics.

Is it possible to mix 5W30 and 10W30 oil?

You shouldn’t combine engine oils with various specifications in this manner. These two oils are made for entirely different uses and have viscosities that are dissimilar.

Try to locate an oil made by the same brand if you must combine two different engine oils rather than perform a straight swap due to time constraints or an emergency. Finding an engine oil that matches the API specifications of the oil already in your car is your best option if this isn’t possible because it will lessen the possibility of any damage.

To ensure there won’t be any issues later on, you should try to get your oil completely drained and changed as soon as you can after getting back on the road.

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