How do you start a smart car?

Although the auto stop/start feature is meant to be useful, it just freaks me out. Additionally, according to my friend, this feature left her stranded with a dead battery. How can the auto-stop/start function be turned off in a Smart Car?

Response provided by CarMats

You’re not the only driver who finds this feature annoying, as auto stop/start functions are becoming more and more common in most new cars. In fact, when you take your car for a drive, you can use a mechanism in Smart Cars and the majority of other vehicles to turn off the auto stop/start feature.

You should be able to find a button close to your car’s gear shift that enables you to turn off this feature for the duration of a particular drive, but there is no way to permanently disable it. When you see an illuminated “A” on your car’s instrument panel with a slash through it, you’ve successfully disabled the auto start/stop feature.

You must repeat the process each time you start your car because the feature will re-activate after you turn off the engine.

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