How Much Does It Cost To Cam A Car?

All engines that burn fuel have a camshaft. But a lot of people replace them with models that were made by someone else.

Every fuel-burning engine has a camshaft. However, many people choose to swap them out for models that belong to someone else. Your engine can run more quickly if you swap out those components for ones made by a different company. Will a new camshaft, however, increase your horsepower? The amount, if any? Depending on how much power your engine already has, the boost will vary in size. A camshaft will typically increase horsepower by 10 to 20. By also improving the car’s intake and exhaust, you can give it more power.

A Stage 2 cam will typically increase your engine’s power by 25%. Additionally, a Stage 3 model can increase it by up to 40%. Each model has benefits and drawbacks of its own. Therefore, it is up to each individual to determine whether or not the upgrade is worthwhile. Read the CarMats‘s article below to make the best decision for your car.

What Does A Camshaft Do?

Understanding how cams operate is simple if you have a general understanding of how engines operate. They must make sure the valves remain open when fuel is injected into the pistons. Longer opening times allow more fuel to enter the burning chamber. Your engine’s camshaft is attached to something called the crankshaft. These two components function together when your engine is running. They are both crucial components of the engine’s timing chain.

The cam functions by converting rotational energy into linear energy. It rests on a moving metal piece to accomplish this. This metal lifts the cam as it revolves in a circle. When the metal reaches the top of its rotation, the cam opens a valve.

This phase, known as the intake stage, is when fuel enters the engine. After being combined, fuel and air are forced together in the pistons. There are numerous cams at the top of each piston. They’ll open them when they reach the top of their circle. They compete with the engine’s crankshafts at the same time. The camshaft and crankshaft must cooperate for the engine to run. If you don’t, you’ll mess up the timing chain, and it won’t function.

For every piston in your engine, there could be two or four camshafts. Each of them will typically have an equal number of cams. Therefore, you would need to replace them all if you wanted to improve the engine.

Why a Camshaft Can Increase Horse Power

We now understand how the engine’s cam functions. That doesn’t, however, explain why improving them can speed up an engine. The power of an engine increases after the cam is changed because of how the fuel and cam interact. Larger cams keep the engine’s valves open for a longer period of time. Your valves will stay open for a longer period of time if more fuel can enter the combustion chamber. When you add more fuel to your engine, the combustion gets stronger, which increases the horsepower.

New cams have the advantage of not throwing off your engine’s timing. A well-made one doesn’t alter anything else but keeps the valves open for longer. They can improve your engine’s performance and increase its power in this way. However, the camshaft can only increase power so much. Once you replace them, there won’t be much of a power difference because the engine’s fuel injectors have a speed limit. Although your cams can keep the valves open for a longer period of time, fuel injection is still required. By purchasing new injectors, you can give your engine even more power.

If you’re going to do that, you might as well buy new valves. A new cam and new injectors may significantly alter performance. Longer valve openings would be achieved by the cams.

Additionally, more fuel would be pushed into the chamber while it is open with new injectors. The best way to increase an engine’s power for the least amount of money is typically not by installing a new cam. You’ll need to change more than just that component if you want to see a real difference.

Does the Camshaft Stage Affect Power Changes?

Camshafts come in a variety of stages. Their placement within the engine demonstrates how they function. Not all, but the vast majority, are in Stage 1.

Your engine will only gain 10 horsepower more with a Stage 1 cam. A Stage 1 cam will, at most, give you an extra 20 HP. You can get a significantly larger boost by adding a Stage 2 cam.

New intake and exhaust systems are also required for these. You’ll need to reprogram the ECU once you’ve installed it. Your HP might increase by 25% if you’ve completed all of those tasks.

A Stage 3 cam can add even more horsepower than a Stage 2 cam. You must implement all the modifications from stages 1 and 2 in order to add a new one. After that, you must complete the engine’s big bore. At that point, you can complete adding a Stage 3 camera.

Additionally, you can alter the timing of the cam to see if it affects how smoothly your car runs. If you accelerate the engine when the RPMs are low, the power usually increases. In general, slower cams tend to give you more power when you’re moving quickly.

Camshaft Replacement Cost

What kind of car you have will determine how much it will cost to replace a cam. You should budget between $200 and $500 for each cam.

You’ll need to change more than one component if you want to improve the engine as a whole.

By carrying out the upgrades yourself, you can reduce your expenses. However, you must make sure you have enough time to finish everything. Although it’s not a difficult project, it does take time.

We advise you to give a few local businesses a call and find out how much it would cost to upgrade yours.

Many of them will give you a discount when you upgrade all the cams at once. Therefore, you might not have to spend as much if you complete them all at once.

Is It Worth Upgrading the Camshaft?

You will spend more money upgrading your cameras than on other projects. However, there won’t be much of an increase in your engine’s power.

Therefore, we believe you should work on something else if all you want is power. Changing the fuel injectors alone might produce greater results.

However, there are a few explanations as to why it might be wise to replace the cams. If you enjoy the sound of engines with large cams, it would be worthwhile.

A set of large cams lowers the engine’s pitch and produces a deeper sound. We’ve always adored the sound a truck’s engine makes thanks to its large cams.

Therefore, if you’re a fan too, you’d adore this project.

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