How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Car Ceramic-Coated?

The paintwork on your car will be easier to maintain if you apply a ceramic coating. However, how much does ceramic coating cost? Here is the solution. If you take care of your car, the ceramic coating will protect the paintwork in a way that will last for years. When done right, a ceramic coating makes your car’s paint last longer, makes it easier to keep clean, and gives it a crisp, clean look. However, the cost is the main deterrent to most people getting a ceramic coating.

The size of your car, the type of ceramic coating, and the condition of the paintwork are just a few of the many variables that affect the cost of a ceramic coating. Car wax and car sealant, which provide protection but for a much shorter time and at a much lower cost, have already been covered.

You can count on paying anywhere between $1500 and $3000 to apply a ceramic coating to your car. Depending on a number of variables that CarMats will discuss in this guide, the price could fall within or rise above that range.

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What Determines The Cost?

The cost of a ceramic coating is largely unrelated to the material used for it. Because putting on a ceramic coating takes a long time, the biggest cost is the labor. This is also why car prices differ so greatly from one another.

When you use a ceramic coating, you basically add a layer of protection on top of the paint. The paintwork needs to be in pristine condition as a result. It will be much easier (and cheaper) to keep the paint on a new or recently repainted car in good shape than on a car that has been ignored.

There are numerous steps involved in preparing a car for a ceramic coating, including:

  • Prewash
  • Hand wash
  • Paint correction
  • Panel wipe
  • Polish hard-to-reach areas

The paint correction process, which can take hours, is the longest of all these steps. The ceramic coating must be applied after the car has been prepared, which also takes a while. This is why the car’s size is important. It will take longer to detail and coat a bigger car with ceramic.

It could take 20 to 30 hours to prepare and apply a ceramic coating. The price will vary depending on the detailer’s hourly rate, but it will typically range from $1500 to $3000. The materials must also be taken into consideration, which raises the final cost by an additional $300 to $500.

Asking for a quote is the best way to get a more accurate price estimate if you plan to coat your car. Remember that going to the detailer in person makes it much simpler to estimate the price than requesting a quote over the phone or via email.

Cheaper Alternative

If you know how to do auto detailing, you could put on the ceramic coating on your own.

People who don’t know how to polish, fix paint, and do other detailing tasks shouldn’t try these methods. It’s also worth noting that many ceramic coating manufacturers offer do-it-yourself kits.

Most of the time, the ceramic coating that comes with these kits isn’t as good as what a professional company would make. DIY ceramic coating has the potential to save you thousands of dollars, but it will take a significant time investment.

Advantages Of Ceramic Coating

Many people don’t even think about getting a ceramic coating because of how expensive it is. A ceramic coating’s effectiveness and advantages should be weighed against the price tag.

Put a ceramic coating on your car’s paint to keep it in pristine condition. This shielding extends to guard against damage from things like UV rays, oxidation, rust, and scratches. Your car won’t be completely safe from bullets, but even small damage will be much less likely to happen.

The benefits here are analogous to those provided by car wax and sealants. On the other hand, a ceramic coating will offer better protection for a longer time. The paint and coating should last for about three years with regular maintenance.

It’s important to note that many ceramic coating producers assert that their product is guaranteed to last for at least ten years and often for the life of the vehicle. Even though the coating may still be physically on the car after a few years, it will no longer protect the car as well as it used to.

Maintain The Ceramic Coating

When you apply a ceramic coating to your car, dirt and debris are easily washed away, making it much easier to keep your car looking clean and shiny. To make sure the ceramic coating lasts, the vehicle and coating must be cared for and kept in good shape.

The best thing you can do is to regularly and thoroughly wash your car. Use only a pH-neutral shampoo and wash the car the old-fashioned way by hand when cleaning a ceramic-coated vehicle.

Consequently, you should never use an automatic car wash. In the worst-case scenario, these can scratch the ceramic coating and mar the paint job. Booster sprays are often made or suggested by companies that make ceramic coatings to make them last longer. It’s smart to use these sprays in case of an emergency. It’s important to use the product as directed, as some formulas can be harmful to protective coatings.


If you want to protect the paint on your car but don’t want to spend a fortune doing it, consider getting a ceramic coating. The removal of dirt and debris when washing the car will make upkeep a breeze.

The ceramic coating will give the car’s finish a shiny look and protect it from UV rays, small scratches, and rust. Ceramic coatings can be very expensive at first, but if you take care of them, they can last for years and protect much better than wax and sealant.

The labor-intensive nature of the work is the primary contributor to the total cost, which can exceed $3000. It’s possible that you could apply the ceramic coating on your own and save several thousand dollars if you have experience with car detailing.

The amount of time and money needed to put a ceramic coating on your car will depend on a number of factors, such as the size of the car, the condition of the paint, and the quality of the coating itself. If you want the ceramic coating to last as long as possible, you need to take care of it properly. Use a booster spray and wash the car often with a cleaner with a neutral pH level.


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