How Much Does It Cost To Paint Car Matte Black?

Everything starts to move slowly when a matte black car crosses the street. People on the street stare at you like you’re seeing them for the first time at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your car painted with a matte black finish?

Metallic paint is distinguished from matte paint. Now, how much does matte black automotive paint cost?

Matte black paint can weigh 11 ounces and costs $15. For one car, you need two gallons of matte black paint, which will cost you about $350.

You will learn more as you go. Are you prepared to set out on a journey in search of your ideal life? Great! Let’s go in. CarMats will start by turning the key.

Benefits of a Matte Black Paint Job on a Car

With the right finish, matte black can look surprisingly amazing. Whether you choose glossy paint or a matte finish, it has one of the most incredible color payoffs of any paint option. Automobiles like the Hyundai Veloster Turbo will look absolutely stunning with the matte paint job.

This choice results in a velvety, rich finish. Any surface irregularities will be hidden, and the flat surface will absorb sunlight to hide flaws. This alternative may cost more for touch-ups and is more susceptible to some types of damage.

How Much Does Matte Black Car Paint Cost?

Matte black paint can weigh 11 ounces and costs $15. For one car, you will require two gallons of paint, which will cost you approximately $350.

In the United States, a matte black paint job typically costs $2500. However, some companies charge up to $6000; these are typically high-end services with premium quality. For the majority of vehicles, a matte paint job in any color finish typically costs around $2500.

Since the range starts at $1000, the matte finish is probably more expensive for car buyers. The overall cost of the matte finish is determined by the vehicle model.

For instance, the approximate cost to apply a matte finish to a Hyundai Veloster Turbo would be between US$5000 and US$10,000, which is typically done for high-end performance vehicles.

Therefore, if the car owners take good care of it and protect it, it can last much longer than a glossy touch. No matter if the vehicle is new or used, maintenance is also generally simple.

While BMW cars can cost up to $3000, Hyundai cars’ matte finishes may cost about $1000. The cost of a matte finish on your Mercedes could be up to $4000.

How to Paint Your Car Matte Black on the Cheap?

If you look around a little, you will find that different services have varying prices. But the price of a professional paint job shouldn’t exceed $500 to $5,000.

The price range for a mid-level paint job with better paint and additional prep work, such as removing rust and dents, is between $1,000 and $3,500, with an average cost of $1,316.

You need to get several quotes from different painting contractors in order to get the best deal on your paint job. You might have to spend even more money to get factory matte finishes.

Because the supplies for cleaning cars are so expensive, most expensive cars have a matte finish instead of a glossy one. The cost of purchasing the materials is higher. As a result, every task will devour your bank account like a ravenous rodent.

Verify customer feedback to make sure your money is being spent wisely. When hiring a professional painter, you should first verify the guarantee in case something goes wrong.

Make sure you have enough auto insurance to cover the automotive aftermarket if you decide to paint your car.

The price of painting a car varies depending on the model, but a matte paint finish will set you back more money.

How to Paint Your Car, Matte Black?

It can be difficult to achieve a matte finish on your car. Therefore, if you’ve made the decision to get a matte finish, be sure to hire a qualified and experienced person to complete the work correctly. Here’s how to get a matte finish:

Step 1- Professional Matte Black Car Paint Job vs. DIY

Prior to taking any action, you must choose whether to work with a pro or handle it yourself. However, a DIY project won’t produce a high-quality finish. Additionally, the DIY process necessitates extra caution from start to finish. In order to get the ideal paint look, I advise you to consult professionals.

Because it can be done in a less controlled environment, applying a vinyl wrap is a fantastic substitute for painting.

Step 2-Prep Work

When painting the outside of your car, you must be well-prepared. All windows must be blocked off with masking tape before trimming and sanding the surface.

Most of the time, a quick pass with higher grit sandpaper will be sufficient, followed by a 2,000 rpm polishing compound buff. Before applying new paint, wash the vehicle and carefully remove any sanding dust. Make sure there is no residue left before continuing with the next step.

Before painting, clean the wheels with acetone or fallout cleaner and remove any grease from the engine parts.

Step 3- Car Primer

After getting the car ready and covering it with masking tape, you need to paint a primer or base coat on it.

In a few circumstances, like corrosion, an abrasive paint removal disc or lower-grit sandpaper is necessary to completely remove the paint down to the metal.

Apply a few coats of clear coat after applying the base layers, wet sand it to perfection, and then repeat the process. The same as a primer, car paint protection is necessary to achieve beautiful matte finishes.

Step 4- Matte Paints Finishing Touches

Once you’ve finished painting, you’ll need to add a few finishing touches.

There will be a few scrappy surfaces after the first coat that you need to take care of. Only when all the flaws have been eliminated can you hope to achieve a premium-looking finish.

As you are aware, a matte finish needs extra care. The orange peel should now be wet-sanded and polished for a shiny finish. Wet sanding will also get rid of all the small rock chips and big scratches.

A cheap option for painting jobs is spray painting. To get the surface of the car ready for primer, clean and sand it. For an excellent finish, use several coats of primer and topcoat.

Although spray paint is quick and simple to use, it must be done so correctly. Wear masks and goggles while spray painting in a well-ventilated area.

Step 5- Examine and Wax Or Ceramic Coat

Waxing or coating with ceramic is the last step. However, after a few miles on a gravel road, you’ll wish you had waxed your car.

Shining a light on a paint job is the best way to assess it. Before applying wax or ceramic coating, you might want to park the car first in the sun and then in the shade to check for any minor flaws.

The new paint job may be shielded from dust and UV rays with carnauba wax. The matte clear coat will completely cover your car, including the original paint.

The ceramic coating will highlight and make any paint flaws or chips more noticeable. There are many ways to remove contaminants, from using Iron Off to thorough claying. But before the ceramic coating is put on, all of the paint must be taken off to get a perfect finish.

Matte Black Car Wrap vs. Paint

The surface wraps of the vehicle do not require waxing, in contrast, to paint treatments. Simple soap and water rinsing will effectively clean the surface. The range of prices is quite reasonable. In some cases, the cost of the vinyl car wrap could be much less than the cost of a full paint job.

Oftentimes, a car wrap is more expensive than a quick paint job. It will be about as expensive as a higher-quality, multi-coat paint job. Painting your car would cost much more money to achieve a matte finish than wrapping it to achieve the same aesthetics.

How to Remove Scratches from Matte Black Paint on the Car?

It takes skill to correctly use a car’s paint scratch repair pens. A steady hand and practice are required to fill a scratch correctly.

Since the scratches are probably smaller than the tip of a pen, there will always be extra product. The results are not as undetectable as the advertisements would have you believe. They might even make the scraping worse and clog the space.

Scratches that have gotten through the clear coat to the primer cannot be repaired with these pens. The fact that the instructions do not state this clearly could cause confusion. They will refinish the scratch if necessary after they polish and sand it.

How to Clean and Protect Black Matte Car Paint?

It is possible to own a car with matte black paint, as long as you know that this type of finish needs special care to stay in good shape.

It is impossible to polish matte finishes. Only routine hand washing will keep the surface tidy. To wash your car, use two buckets or a portable foamer. Even though a skilled detail shop can hand wash the car, I advise using a car wash detergent made specifically for matte surfaces.

The protective layer and the paint below may be harmed by bird poop, insect poop, and water spots that bake into the finish.

To clean the matte surfaces, use wash mitts and soft, brand-new microfiber towels. Rub surfaces with soiled towels carefully to avoid scratching and damaging them.


Everyone desires affordable, high-quality services. But as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”

You might receive shoddy materials or painting if you use a low-cost service. Poor taping techniques could lead to overspray on windows or rubber fittings.

I believe you have already received the cost of the matte black car paint. Just keep in mind that the car painters may choose to paint over rust or dents rather than fixing them first because the budget may not cover certain services that they charge extra for.

Find out what processes and information are included before purchasing one. Ask if the price includes sanding and preparing the bodywork, and ask to see examples of past work to make sure the quality is good.

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