How Much Does It Cost To Repaint A Car Door?

Nothing gives a car a facelift like a new coat of paint! Paint is a great way to restore the new appearance of your car door, regardless of how faded or damaged it is.

In any case, how much does it cost to paint a car door? Can you handle it on your own? What steps are necessary to paint a car door? Keep reading the following article by CarMats if you need to paint your car door.

What is Involved in Painting a Car Door?

It takes more than a few coats of paint to paint a car! There are numerous steps required.

Prep Work and Repair

The majority of auto technicians will tell you that the prep work is crucial to the success of automotive painting. Depending on how bad the damage is to the car door, the prep work may be easy or complicated.

Sanding, smoothing, fixing dents, getting rid of rust, and many other tasks can be included in prep work. To prevent paint overspray, the car door will also be blocked off with tape. When the car has significant damage, the preparation process can take several hours.


The car is given a coat of primer after the preparation work is finished. This seals the metal and provides a base for painting the car.

Base Coat

The first colored coat of paint is the base coat. Automotive paint comes in a variety of types and qualities. One coat of paint to more than 20 coats of paint could be used for the base coat.

Clear Coat

A clear coat protects the recently painted surface and gives your car door a gorgeous, glossy finish. Typically, one to three coats of clear coat are applied.

What Does a Professional Paint Job Cost for a Car Door?

The size of the door affects how much it will cost to paint. Large doors, such as those on a truck or van, will require more paint and time to paint, and as a result, will cost more than a small door on a sedan.

Low-End Paint Job

For a less expensive paint job on your car door, a chain store like Maaco is a good option. Maaco usually does some prep work on a door before painting it with one to two coats of single-stage enamel or urethane paint.

The clear coat and the paint color are combined in a single-stage paint. Most chains sell their own brand of paint. They might not be able to match your car’s color precisely.

These chains typically offer a few different paint levels. You should pick the grade that best suits your requirements and financial situation. At a chain, a chain paint job on a car door will run you between $200 and $400.

Mid-Range Paint Job

An auto body shop’s mid-range paint job will typically require more prep work, such as dent repair or rust removal. Additionally, they frequently use primer, several coats of urethane paint that is color-matched, and a clear coat. Your car door will have a shiny, long-lasting finish as a result.

A midrange paint job will cost between $300 and $700, depending on the size of your door panel, the amount of prep work, and the amount of repair needed.

High-End Paint Job

A professional paint job can be a piece of art. Most people who own classic or show cars choose a high-quality paint job for their cars.

Extensive prep work is typically involved in a high-end paint job. The technician might completely scrape off the old paint. A primer is applied after the preliminary work is finished. Then, up to 20 coats of precisely matched urethane paint will be applied. Following this, a clear coat is applied in 6–8 coats.

Customized elements like metallic paint, two-tone painting, or airbrushing will raise the price and the level of artistry. Expect to pay at least $800 if you want a high-end paint job on your car door.

Charge for Labor

Your bill will consist largely of labor. Labor costs in an auto shop typically range from $50 to $100 per hour. Your car door will be painted in 2 to 3 hours. Painting domestic vehicles like a Ford or Chevy will likely be easier and take less time than painting a foreign vehicle like a BMW or Porsche.

If you do the math, the labor cost will be between $100 and $300 of the total cost of the paint. Customized details will cost more and take longer to complete.

Cost per Square Foot for a Professional Car Door Paint Job

The typical car door measures around 9 square feet, less 3 square feet for the window. A professional paint job can cost between $33 and $135 per square foot.

Should You Hire a Professional to Paint Your Car Door?

Insurance Claim

Insurance may provide coverage for mishaps and damage. Hiring a painter to paint the car door will probably be worth your time and money if the insurance will pay for the paint job.

Custom Paint Job

You might be looking for a professional paint job if you own a high-end or classic car. It’s best to leave custom details like metallic paint or airbrushed details to the experts.

Lack of Time or Experience

Your time is precious! It might be best to think about hiring a professional if you don’t have the time to paint your car door yourself or if you are unsure of your painting skills.

What Does It Cost to DIY Paint a Car Door?

You can save a lot of money by painting your own car door! What amount? Let’s analyze the price of the materials.

Necessary Materials

  • Choose a urethane paint from a reputable paint manufacturer, such as Speed-o-Kote or Duplicolor. A pint-sized sample might be sufficient to apply several coats to a car door. A quart of paint ought to be sufficient for several coats, with some paint remaining. About $20 is what a quart of automotive paint costs.
  • Clear Coat: You’ll require at least one coat of clear coat. For a car door, a quart of clear coat will be more than enough! A quart of clear coat costs about $22.
  • Look for a wet/dry sandpaper variety pack. Sandpaper packs typically cost $15 to $20.
  • Masking film, tape, and painter’s tape: 
    The door can be taken apart and painted. To cover the window and trim, you will still need painter’s tape and masking film. These will run you $20 to $40
  • A basic paint sprayer with various nozzles will run you about $60.
  • Drop Cloths: In your supply closet, you probably already have a few drop clothes. Protect your pavement by using these.
  • Protective Gear: Wearing protective equipment is crucial when using a paint sprayer because it can harm your skin, eyes, and lungs. While painting, wear long sleeves and pants, safety goggles, and a mask.

Optional Materials

  • The Rust Stripper Brush: If your car has a lot of rust, you’ll need to use a rust stripper brush to remove the rust. 
    Most common drills can accommodate this useful brush.
  • an air compressor and a paint sprayer. 
    An air compressor and a paint sprayer will significantly simplify a challenging task! Rentable air compressors are offered.
  • A disposable paint suit with a hood: 
    present yourself as a skilled painter! These suits are excellent for preventing paint from getting on you and for keeping dust and hair out of your paint.
  • Body filler: Sandable body filler is used to fill in significant dents.
  • Power sander: Sanding is completed much more quickly with a power sander.

Total Cost of DIY Painting a Car Door

The cost of the necessary supplies to paint your own car door ranges from 140–160. You’ll probably have extra materials, too! This price will increase if you use any of the optional materials.

Cost Per Square Foot to DIY Paint a Car Door

We’ll stick with our previous calculation of 6 square feet for each car door. For a DIY car door paint job, the price per square foot ranges from $23 to $26. This is a great deal less expensive than hiring a pro!

Account for Your Time

Be aware that this project will take some time unless you are an expert automotive painter. You’ll probably need 4 to 8 hours or more to prepare and paint your own car door. If you don’t have this much time, think about hiring a specialist.

What about Spray Paint?

If you want to speed up the car painting process and save money, spray paint is a good choice. Pick a spray paint designed for vehicles. There won’t be many color options, so you should only consider this if your car is a very basic color, like black or white.

Final Thoughts

Apply a fresh coat of paint to make your car door look brand new again! Review the objectives you have for painting your car door. Do you desire an original paint job? Or, would you like to prepare it for sale?

Your objective will help you choose whether to paint it yourself or hire a professional to do it. In either case, the paint will breathe new life into your car’s door!


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