How Much Does It Cost To Straight Pipe A Car?

The sound of a vehicle’s exhaust is influenced by a number of factors. Engine size is the first and most important factor.

Engine displacement volume, which is typically measured in liters or cubic inches, or both, or both, directly relates to exhaust output.

Since the engine won’t change, changes to the muffler’s type and design, the exhaust system’s piping, or the exhaust tip’s style can significantly alter the exhaust system’s overall sound profile.

The secret to getting a great sound from your car is finding the right exhaust.

In this article, CarMats will look at the benefits of straight exhaust pipes for automobiles as well as their associated costs.

What is Straight Pipe Exhaust?

The straight pipe, as its name suggests, is a single pipe that connects the headers and exhaust system in a straight line to the vehicle’s rear.

They are very loud, very straight, and occasionally illegal. Additionally, they have the ability to shoot dazzling flames out the back of your car.

A straight exhaust system, to put it simply, is an exhaust system without a catalytic converter or muffler. There is only one straight exhaust pipe on it.

How Much Does It Cost To Straight Pipe A Car?

Straight exhausts are expensive, and their cost is entirely dependent on the kind of car you drive and the kind of exhaust you prefer.

The city in which you reside as well as the make and model of your car have a significant impact on the cost of the straight pipe.

The typical cost for installing straight pipes for your car is between $1000 and $1500.

The price for the premium titanium alloy exhausts will be higher.

Straight Pipe Exhaust Benefits

Improved performance

Straight pipe exhaust systems are popular with car owners because they can improve a car’s overall performance by a lot.

This exhaust system’s design minimizes the backpressure put on the engine, allowing the exhaust gases to move through the system with ease.

In this manner, the engine can run at full throttle without encountering any difficulties.


Many auto enthusiasts believe that a car’s appearance is just as important as its performance.

A dual-pipe setup in the tailpipe can further improve the sportier appearance that straight-pipe exhaust systems give off for the car.

Additionally, a lot of them come in a variety of colors and have eye-catching chrome plating, making them noticeably more attractive.

The engine sound is authentic

While some people think the exhaust is too loud, others think it’s perfect for bringing out the true sound of the engine while you’re driving.

As a result, if your car has a loud engine like one found in a muscle car, you can enjoy the genuine sound that this exhaust system produces.

The additional benefit of being able to identify when the engine is having issues due to any modifications made to its sound is that it gets a true sense of the engine’s sound.

When the engine is having issues, this is especially helpful.

Less Weight

They are able to lighten the weight of the car overall because of the straight pipe exhaust system.

When mufflers and catalytic converters are taken out of the exhaust system, the amount of metal needed to make it is cut down by a lot. This is because only one straight pipe is needed.

As a result of automatic weight reduction, the vehicle weight decreases.

Increased fuel efficiency:

Many drivers don’t know that removing the car’s exhaust system, which includes the muffler and catalytic converter, lowers the amount of backpressure it makes.

In other words, the design of a straight exhaust pipe contributes to the efficient amplification of an engine’s exhaust gases and improved performance.

Additionally, it aids in reducing the weight of the vehicle, which enables it to move faster and more effectively without using more gasoline. In summary, this technique can help you get the most mileage out of your vehicle.

Straight Pipe Exhaust Disadvantages

Inefficient in terms of cost

If you want to purchase a straight-pipe exhaust system for your car, you should be prepared to spend a sizable sum of money on it.

Putting in new pipes often requires a complete overhaul of the car’s exhaust system. If you choose high-quality pipes, you should usually set aside just under $1000 for the pipes themselves.

Emissions that are excessive:

Since straight-pipe exhaust systems don’t have a catalytic converter, nothing can get rid of the pollution they make.

As a result, increased emissions from using these products in cars frequently result, which is not only against the law but also bad for the environment.

Noise level too high

The deafening noise produced by the exhaust system may make the vehicle illegal to drive in many jurisdictions, limiting the use of the vehicle to race tracks only in certain circumstances. Because of this, many drivers may not like the extra noise this exhaust system makes.

Selling Difficulty

If you want to sell your car in the future, you should really use the regular exhaust instead of the straight exhaust.

Since the straight exhaust configuration is prohibited in many places, you might have to take the entire system out before selling the vehicle.

Even if you find someone who is okay with the setup, you will probably make less money selling it because you will eventually need to replace it.

Straight pipe exhaust kit

There are numerous straight pipe kits available for a variety of vehicle types; all you have to do is pick the one that best meets your requirements.

On the other hand, you can purchase a universal kit that will fit almost any car currently on the road.

Straight pipe installation kits are easy to find on the market and can be made to fit your needs for almost any vehicle exhaust system.

Is Straight Pipe Legal?

The majority of studies show that straight exhaust is forbidden, but state-by-state laws vary.

Given that many states have similar restrictions, it is crucial to find out what they are in your own state.

Contrarily, the majority of people won’t be stopped unless their cars are extremely loud and annoying to their neighbors.

Does Straight Pipe Hurt Your Engine?

The engine is in no way harmed by the straight pipe exhaust system. The system doesn’t have a muffler, so the engine noises are pure and unadulterated.

This is because a straight pipe typically improves a vehicle’s performance. It lowers engine pressure, which enhances the efficiency of the entire engine.

How Long Does It Take To Straight Pipe A Car?

This is a good choice to think about if you have prior experience installing straight exhaust systems. Straight pipes typically require a lengthy installation process.

Your car’s straight pipe installation should be finished by a professional. You should be able to anticipate receiving your car in a few hours if you choose a skilled individual.

The cost of installing straight pipes in your vehicle may differ depending on the type of vehicle you own.

Straight Pipe Vs Catback

Mufflers and resonators are removed from the exhaust system by straight pipes. With catalytic exhaust systems, the factory muffler is swapped out for a less restrictive model.

In other words, the muffled sound of combustion will still be there, but not as much. It will sound more aggressive and louder because of this.

Does Straight Pipe Waste More Gas?

Straight pipes will make a car go faster and use the same amount of gas, but they won’t cut down on the amount of gas used.

Straight pipes might boost exhaust gas flow, but I’m not sure if they can reduce your fuel usage. The music selection will be the only thing that has changed.


The price of straight exhaust pipes is entirely dependent on the kind of car you drive. If required, straight pipes can be added to the exhaust system to improve performance.

On the other hand, modern vehicles come with two separate exhaust stages. Your car’s dashboard has a button you can press to change from gas exhaust to direct exhaust.

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