How Much Does Sandblasting A Car Cost?

Traditional sanding can be tiresome and time-consuming if you need to remove a lot of paint and rust. Rust, paint, and other coatings can be quickly removed from metal by sandblasting. What is the cost of this procedure?

An effective way to remove paint and rust is by media or sandblasting. Costs associated with preparation, labor, and materials are all included. When you hire a sandblasting specialist, you must also cover the cost of the technician’s workspace and tools. The price range for sandblasting a car is $500 to $1,500, with the typical client shelling out around $900.

Let’s talk about things related to car sandblasting with CarMats.

What is Sandblasting?

Media blasting is another name for sandblasting. At first, this process was mostly done with sand, but now it can be done with a wide range of materials, depending on the task and the surface.

Using high pressure and fine media, such as sand, plastic, or glass, media blasting can be used to remove paint, rust, and other coatings from metal on a vehicle. It can be applied to a car’s body, rims, or frame.

What is the Average Price to Sandblast a Car?

A vehicle’s interior, exterior, and underside can be sandblasted for $500 to $1,500. The typical cost of sandblasting a car is $900. The total cost of the procedure depends on a number of variables. If you’re interested in sandblasting, the best thing to do is get quotes from reliable technicians in your area.

What Factors Affect the Price of Sandblasting?

When it comes to sandblasting, there are lots of variables! Your final cost could be impacted by any one of these factors.

Area of the Vehicle to be Sandblasted

The cost of the procedure will depend on the area of the vehicle that needs to be sandblasted. Sandblasting will cost less on a smaller car or one that only needs one spot done.

Condition of the Vehicle

Your technician will need more resources and time to remove the rust. Expect the cost to reflect their time and expenses.

The coating on the Vehicle

Some finishes, like plastic or powder coat, are particularly long-lasting. It will take more effort and resources to get rid of these coatings from the car.

The intensity of the Sandblasting

Some jobs simply require more muscle! For sandblasting jobs that require more effort, some technicians may charge more.

Material Used for Sandblasting

There are different media types for different sandblasting tasks. There are various price tags for the various materials. Consult your technician for advice on the best material for the task at hand.

What am I Paying for?

Cost for Labor

A typical labor rate for a sandblasting business is $40 to $65 per hour. Labor for specialty services may run about $75 per hour. Usually, it takes two to three hours to sandblast a car, so labor costs can range from $80 to $225.

Cost of Materials

Glass beads or plastic media are frequently used to sandblast a car. You must also pay for the area and tools required to sandblast your car.

Plastic Media Blasting

The least expensive option for media blasting your vehicle is plastic media. Each pound of raw material costs about $1. A range of grits is available for plastic media. It is harmless and won’t leave a trace on your car.

Glass Bead Blasting

The alternative for car owners is glass bead blasting. Per pound, glass beads are priced between $1.50 and $2.50. Because of their rounded shape, glass beads are perfect for blasting vehicles. This process typically results in a surface finish that is smooth. Additionally, glass bead blasting is safe for the environment.

Tips To Save The Cost For Sandblast A Car

It’s not as simple as you might think to sandblast a car. It would be best if you thought about a few things, and we’ve outlined them here in detail so you can determine for yourself whether sandblasting is economical for your requirements.

Your car’s size, shape, surface area, and proximity to auto body shops or specialty automotive paints will all affect how much it will cost to sandblast it. Here are some crucial pointers for sandblasting a car cheaply.

Try Calling Around And Comparing Prices

Although many people think sandblasting is an expensive service, there are ways to cut costs if you plan to have your car sandblasted. For instance, try calling around and comparing prices with other stores in your area.

This will help you decide where to go by giving you a sense of the kinds of deals that are available. If you discover a lower price somewhere else, enquire as to why.

Consider looking elsewhere if they claim that it’s because they don’t use high-quality equipment. After all, you want to take good care of your car so that it lasts for years without rusting or having paint chips.

Take Suggestions From Friends And Family Members

Similarly, choose a store that has been recommended by friends or family members who have previously used their services rather than simply choosing one because of their low prices. Of course, it’s not always simple to locate a trustworthy store.

Ask For References

By requesting references from previous clients and contacting them to gauge their level of satisfaction, you can make sure that you only receive high-quality work.

Visit their website if you can, and look them up on Facebook. These online platforms will be available from the majority of reliable businesses, and you should be able to tell right away whether or not they are competent.

Is Sandblasting Good For A Car?

You’re looking for a method to get rid of the rust and dirt on your car. There are countless options available to you when it comes to detailing your car. You can clay your car, wax it, or hire a professional detailer to do it for you.

Sandblasting sounds like a great way to get rid of all those unsightly scratches, based on what you’ve heard. But you’re not sure if it’s worthwhile to spend a lot of money to have your car blasted at the neighborhood garage.

Sandblasting outperforms dustless sandblasting when it comes to removing paint from a car’s body. During dustless sandblasting, rust inhibitors are put on the steel. This makes it clean and ready to paint after chloride decontamination.

Sandblasting can usually be used to get rid of rust from most car parts. Two different types of sandblasters are needed to remove rust from a car’s body or a quarter panel.

The type of blaster required depends on the dimensions and shapes of the panels. If the panels are large, it might be necessary to use a portable sandblaster.

Final Thoughts

Sandblasting is a quick way to remove paint and rust that won’t go away! Find a reputable sandblasting company and ask for a quote if you want to take your car all the way down to the frame.


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