How To Get Alcohol Smell Out Of Car?

Whether you dropped a bottle on your way home from the liquor store or spilled some while cleaning out your car, getting rid of alcohol stains and that smell can be a difficult and unpleasant task. There are a number of valid reasons why a person might just have to deal with an alcohol spill and that revolting smell, even though drinking in a car with the engine running is pretty irresponsible. If you’re dealing with one of these issues, don’t worry. Your car’s interior can smell brand new again using a few simple techniques.

So, how do you get the smell of alcohol out?

Use baking soda, air freshener, or a solution of water and vinegar. Spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible, followed by blotting the stain with a cleaning solution and allowing the car to air out in order to prevent alcohol from absorbing into the upholstery or carpets. Open the car doors to let the odor escape and disappear.

The best way to get rid of the smell of alcohol spills in your car is to have it professionally cleaned, but there are some do-it-yourself remedies you can use at home. For more information on how to get rid of stains and bad odors from your car seats, carpet, etc., keep reading CarMats‘s article below for detailed guidance, advice and prevention.

Tips on How to Get the Alcohol Smell Out of Your Car

The following advice can help you stop the odor of alcohol from lingering in your car.

Use Peanut Butter

It may sound absurd, but Reddit and other online communities are aware that peanut butter works wonders for masking the smell of alcohol after a night of drinking. In some ways, it makes sense because peanut butter has a potent, distinctive aroma and is thick, leaving a butter-like coating in your mouth, at least temporarily.

Air Freshener

There are many different fragrances of air fresheners, which are used to make your car smell as good as new. There are many different scents and container sizes for air fresheners. To cover up the smell of alcohol in your car, use air fresheners that have potent scents like citrus fruits or flowers like roses. Since you never know when you’ll need one, always keep an air freshener in your car.

Water and Vinegar Solution

You can also deodorize your car by mixing equal parts of water and white vinegar. Clean the upholstery and carpets inside your car by spraying this mixture inside, waiting a few minutes, and then doing so.

Baking Soda

No matter the type of odor—cigarette, vomit, beer, alcohol, etc.—baking soda absorbs it everywhere in the car’s interior. Apply the baking soda to the affected area, let it sit for two to three hours, and then use a vacuum to remove it all to restore the scent of your car.

Method of Removing Spilled Alcohol Smell from Your Car

The correct way to get rid of the offensive smell of alcohol spilled in your car is detailed below.

Step-1: Remove the Substance

Eliminating the cause is the first step in getting rid of the unpleasant odor. Any alcohol that has spilled should be cleaned up using a fresh towel and a bucket of ice water. Additionally, you ought to put on gloves while doing this. Try to blot out as much moisture as you can after you’ve completely removed it and the top layer of the stain. After that, you’ll need to concentrate on getting rid of any last stains.

Step-2: Clean Those Stains

The next step is to focus on removing the remaining stain. The upholstery fabric’s quality is something you’ll probably want to keep. You shouldn’t use any pressure or abrasive cleaning agents when attempting to remove the stain’s top layer. For this, vinegar and cold water seem to function equally well and pose significantly less risk. Vinegar cleaning solutions typically contain one part water to one part vinegar. To clean the area, mix a half gallon of vinegar with every half gallon of water, and dab it on the affected area.

Step-3: Scrub It Off

Use a soft sponge and warm water and vinegar solution to scrub the stain. Before using it, make sure the sponge is completely dry. Additionally, be sure to wash it completely before each scrubbing operation. If it’s particularly rainy outside, you run the risk of making things worse by allowing more odor-producing liquids to leak into the padding inside your car’s upholstery. Before making any progress in removing that stain, you may need to rinse out the sponge several times.

Step-4: Air Out

After carefully cleaning it, you’ll need to let your car air out for a while. For effectively removing odor from a car’s interior, nothing beats good airing, ideally in a warm, natural environment. This obviously won’t be an option if it’s winter and snowing. If so, a bowl of vinegar and water placed in the backseat for a few hours should help to reduce the smell somewhat. Another strategy—often less messy—is to keep a tiny, barely opened canister of baking soda in the car. In the end, you can also use fresheners.

7 Solutions to Removing the Smell of Alcohol from Your Car

You can use the solutions, advice, and preventative measures listed below to get rid of the offensive odor in your car.

DIY To Get Alcohol Smell Out Of Car

You must first identify the alcohol that is causing the issue as the root cause in order to help your car stop smelling like alcohol. Identify the area where you spilled the alcohol. It’s time to clean up the area after you find it.

2 cups of warm water, dish soap, and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar should all be combined in a pitcher. White vinegar removes grease in addition to removing stains and masking odors. If the remedy does not remove the stain, test a tiny portion of the carpet in an unnoticeable area of the car first. For better results, give the area a good dab. Start cleaning once you’re happy with the outcome. Then, in an open area, let your car’s doors open and let the air out completely. This will assist in removing the smell from your car.

DIY To Get Beer Smell Out Of Car

Beer stains dissolve in water, so all that is needed to get rid of the pungent smell associated with prenylation is water. While the amount of prenylation in the beer stain will increase as it sits in your car untreated, if you don’t act quickly, it will be challenging to get rid of this odor. For best results, remove stains as quickly as you can, then rinse the area with soap or vinegar. Remember to let your car air out as the stain dries to ensure that the smell completely leaves your car. If possible, steaming carpets and upholstered furniture will aid in removing stubborn stains.

Remove the Smell of Beer from a Leather Car Seat

Leather should never be damaged because it is such an essential part of your car seat. It will be a nightmare to drive that car of yours if it stinks. Use warm water and a dry cloth or towel to remove the beer stain and the odor from your car seat. A leather conditioner like Cadillac Leather Cleaner should then be used to clean the upholstery. Use a suede eraser to remove any remaining beer stains from the leather after wiping them up. That will solve the problem.

Get Alcohol Smell out of a Cloth Car Seat

Any type of alcohol (beer, tequila, wine, etc.) spilled on your upholstered fabric seats should be cleaned up with a steamer and/or blotted with a solution of liquid soap or vinegar. Both of these cleaning solutions ought to be able to remove alcohol stains without leaving any odors.

Get Alcohol Smell out of Car’s Carpet

Add 2 cups of warm water and 1 cup of white vinegar to a mixing bowl to get rid of the smell of alcohol on a car’s carpet. If desired, use the same mixture in a spray bottle. This mixture can be sprayed on any alcohol stains, and they can then be removed by additional blotting. Vinegar not only gets rid of stains but also bad odors.

Get Alcohol Smell out of Car’s Interior

Two cups of warm water, one tablespoon of liquid dish soap, and one tablespoon of white vinegar should be sufficient to remove the obnoxious alcohol smell from the interior of your car. Use plain water or a dishwashing solution and vinegar to wipe the stain with a white, clean cloth. How does vinegar work? because it eliminates obnoxious odors.

Get Alcohol smell out of other car areas

Since there is no carpet or other type of fabric in these areas, the best thing about them is that alcohol spills never get absorbed there, making it simpler to clean and get rid of the smell.

Simply wipe up the stain as soon as you can to get rid of the alcohol smell from other car components like a cup holder, console, steering wheel, etc. After that, moisten that area using a sponge, tissue, or towel. After washing it with soapy water, let it dry. Open the car doors to let the air out.


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