How To Get Beer Smell Out Of Car?

In addition to smelling bad, driving while intoxicated is against the law and can be dangerous if beer has been spilled in your vehicle. Even if you are not drinking and driving, the smell will linger, and you may be stopped for a police check while driving.

If you are looking for the best ways to remove the stale beer smell from your car, you will find some helpful techniques to do so. But you must first remember that it is against the law to drive after drinking and that doing so can lead to accidents and is bad for your health. Therefore, you must stop drinking if you plan to drive a car while intoxicated or in any other situation.

You can easily use a solution of water and detergent to remove the smell and stains of beer from your car. Beer is water soluble, so the stain will be removed with ease. Once the stain has been removed, turn on the fan to eliminate the odor and dry out the cleaned area. Keep reading the article below, CarMats will help you know more about how to clean and deodorize beer from the interior of your car.

Remove beer smell in the car

How Can I Get Rid of the Car’s Beer Smell? In a bowl, combine detergent or dishwasher soap with two cups of warm water. Vinegar can be added to the mixture to remove grease. Beer spills can be cleaned up by applying the liquid and gently rubbing the area. Try the mixture on a small area of carpet and dab it with a cloth if the solution doesn’t work.

Cleaning the beer smell from cloth seats

Make a vinegar and detergent solution with water if alcohol has been spilled on your car’s cloth seats. Apply the mixture to white paper towels and blot them on the fabric seats. To get rid of the stain and the smell, soak up as much of the solution as you can in the towel and gently dab it on.

Rubbing alcohol, vinegar, and detergent can also be combined to create a more sophisticated solution. Let’s adhere to the guidelines:

  • Mix one tablespoon of liquid hand soap or detergent with vinegar in two cups of water. Use the mixture to soak a sponge.
  • Next, dab the stain with the sponge dipped in the solution.
  • Until the stain is completely removed, keep dipping the sponge in the solution and dabbing it over the fabric seat.
  • After removing the stain, rinse the sponge, dab the area with cold water, and let it air dry.

The interior of the car will still have a slight beer odor after using the detergent. You can spend money on a little steamer for this. You’ll get clean seats, and the odor will be kept at bay.

How to clean leather seats?

Compared to cloth materials, leather is simpler to keep clean. Given that leather has fewer pores, cleaning the seats with warm water is simple. The leather seats can be cleaned with a solution of water and vinegar. The steps listed below must be followed in order to get rid of the odor of alcohol from the seats:

  • To treat the stain, prepare a solution of water and baking soda and soak a sponge in it.
  • Next, use a clean, warm-water-soaked cloth to wipe the area.
  • The smell from the seat will be eliminated.
  • Repeat the procedures until the odor disappears.
  • Dry-clean the seat after allowing it to air dry for 20 minutes.
  • Repeat wiping the stained area with a solution of equal parts water and vinegar if the odor still exists. Use a sponge to give it a cool water rinse.

How to clean floor mats and carpets?

Do the carpets and floor mats still smell like beer? It does, indeed. You must combine two cups of warm water, dishwashing liquid, and vinegar to create a solution. After that, use a sponge to apply the solution to the areas where the beer has spilled on the carpet or floor mat. Until the stain and smell are gone, you must keep dabbing the area. After cleaning it, rinse it with a sponge dipped in cold water.

Clean cup holders, consoles, and other places

A car’s consoles and cup holders do not retain the aroma of beer for very long. Therefore, you can easily clean these areas. You will have a difficult time cleaning up any alcohol stains that have stuck to the cup holders, though.

Therefore, it is advised to tidy up the recently spilled beer as soon as possible. You must clean it with a solution of warm water and detergent. Apply the solution with a sponge dipped in it to the beer-spilled areas. After cleaning it, rinse it with regular water and wipe it dry with a fresh cloth.

How to reduce the smell of beer from your mouth?

What eliminates the odor of beer? Beer odor can be eliminated by using peanut butter. It has a foul odor that will linger in your mouth and throat for a while.

How to get rid of the stale beer smell from your hands?

You can clean your hands after spilling beer on them by combining warm water, vinegar, and liquid dish soap. To remove the odor, you can also mix plain water, vinegar, and soap.

How long the smell of beer lasts on the car seats?

If the odor is still present inside the car, make a solution of warm water and baking soda and use it to cover the stained area. Leave it alone for the whole day. Remove the sponge after the baking soda has evaporated and clean the area with a fresh cloth.

How to get a fresh-smelling car?

By adhering to a few guidelines, you can get a car that smells good:

  • Don’t consume alcohol or smoke in the car.
  • Regularly vacuum the interior to keep it free of trash.
  • Once weekly, clean the floor mats.
  • Keep and utilize an air freshener in your vehicle.
  • To avoid incidents where liquid spills, use spill-proof cups.


Keep your car spotless and smelling fresh. Remove the trash, and refrain from drinking or smoking inside the car. However, if you do manage to spill beer on the seat or anywhere else in the car, use the aforementioned technique to get rid of the odor and stains.


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