How to get garbage smell out of car?

We were all there on a mid-August day with 90 percent humidity. You call up your favorite ice cream shop and schedule a visit with your friends, family, or kids for some delectable, non-frozen treats. The remaining mint chocolate is wrapped as much as you can before it melts and is left on the passenger seat when you return to the air conditioning. 

You start your car and leave the following morning! Which odor is that? Your yesterday’s frozen treats are now rotting and making skunks queasy. Before you call a deodorant team or your friends for a ride, consider these practical tips for getting rid of the garbage smell in your car.


Useful for more than just baking chocolate chip cookies. Odors can be effectively removed with baking soda. Find it in your pantry or the grill aisle of your local supermarket. Any spills should be rubbed directly on, then vacuumed up after a few hours.

Prepare coffee 

You’ll adore this car fragrance if you like to start your mornings with a cup of hot, freshly brewed coffee. A cup of ground coffee can be left in your car overnight to absorb any bad odors. Instead of smelling like a garbage truck, your car will smell like a coffee shop. 

Dish Dryer

Try opening a package of dryer sheets and storing them under the seat to give your car the scent of your favorite sweater right after it came out of the dryer. Put some tape in front of your vents and turn on the air conditioner for even more benefits. 

Odor remover

In some cases, an effective air freshener will do the trick to get rid of odors. Use a spray-on air freshener if you need something a little stronger. 


Similar to baking soda, vinegar is a typical pantry item that effectively absorbs odors. Just halfway fill a bowl or jar, then leave it alone for a few hours. Bid adieu to the smell of spoiled food. 

Dial an expert 

Some odors, like skunk or cigarette smoke, are too strong to remove at home. The time to hire a cleaning service is when all else fails. After they use special cleaning products to get rid of all those odors, your car will smell like new.

Before you leave your stinky car hopefully, these CarMats trash removal tips will make you feel better.

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