How To Get Human Urine Smell Out Of Car Seat?

If you’re a parent or fur parent, it’s possible that your child or furry child will inadvertently urinate in your car. In these situations, you might be wondering how to remove urine from a car seat.

Whether your car seat is made of cloth or leather will determine how to clean it, but in general, the procedure entails blotting out the urine first, cleaning with a solution, and drying. To prevent the smell of urine from permeating your vehicle, clean the car seat as soon as possible. Keep reading the article below CarMats will give you more comprehensive instructions.

What You Will Need

For cloth seats

  • White vinegar is a potent cleaner that works well to get rid of grime, dirt, and stains. Because it contains the potent acid acetic, it cleans effectively. Additionally, vinegar has disinfectant properties. Distilled white vinegar is frequently the most acidic vinegar type.

  • Dish soap: In addition to killing bacteria, dish soap can help mask vinegar’s pungent smell. It is also gentle on the fabric.
  • Cloths: To clean the urine, clothes are required.

For leather seats

  • If your car seat is made of nubuck, suede, or unfinished leather, you must use a cleaner made for such materials. If not, they might sustain damage. There are simple-to-use cleaners with gentle formulas available. Simply spraying and wiping them will do.
  • Using the cleaner on a sponge or pad will be ideal for cleaning the leather car seat.
  • The best cleaners for cleaning the stuffing are enzymes or bacteria-based cleaners.

For both

  • Wearing rubber gloves would shield your hands from urine. When cleaning poop out of a car seat, gloves also stop the vinegar from drying out your hands and the cleaning solution’s smell from adhering to your hands.
  • Paper towels with high absorbency are necessary for wiping up urine.
  • Water: Since vinegar is a potent substance that has a tendency to rob fabrics of their color, it must be diluted before use. Creating a lather for cleaning purposes also helps. Water is required to clean the stuffing on leather seats.
  • You can mix and apply the cleaning solution using a bowl, bucket, or spray bottle.

Step by Step Instructions

Open the Car Windows and Doors

Open the car’s windows and doors before cleaning. This will let in fresh air and aid in getting rid of the unpleasant urine smell in your car. Additionally, it will stop the smell of your cleaning agent from permeating your car.

Cleaning Cloth Car Seats

  • Step 1: Blot the Urine From the Car Seat With Absorbent Paper Towels

Use some paper towels to blot the urine from the area that has been soiled in order to get most of the pee off the car seat. Carefully execute the action so as to prevent the spread of the poop to adjacent areas. Additionally, keep an eye out for any dips, indentations, or seams where urine may have collected.

To get the urine to rise when blotting, apply some pressure to the surface. Until no more urine is absorbed, keep doing it continuously.

  • Step 2: Create a Cleaning Solution

In a bowl or bucket, mix two cups of water with two tablespoons of dish soap and white vinegar to make a cleaning solution for urine. To create a lather, gently combine them. If you’d prefer to spray the solution on the affected area, another choice is to prepare it in a spray bottle.

  • Step 3: Apply the Cleaning Solution Onto the Affected Area and Scrub

Dip a cloth in the cleaning solution and place it in the bowl or bucket you’re using. But be careful not to overwet the cloth, as this will make the affected area wetter and make drying more difficult. When dipping the cloth in the solution, wring it out. If your cleaning solution is in a spray bottle, you can also lightly mist the affected area with it; just be careful not to overwet the seat.

To protect the car seat, refrain from wiping and smearing the area. Instead, lightly dab the affected area with the cloth. To stop the urine stain from spreading, begin dabbing at the outer edges and work your way toward the center of the stain. Until the area is completely clean, spray it again and scrub it.

  • Step 4: Blot the Area Dry

Use a dry cloth to absorb any moisture that remains on the area you just cleaned. After that, dab the affected area with a dampened second cloth. Until there is no longer any residue, alternate between using a dry cloth and a damp cloth.

  • Step 5: Let the Area Air Dry

Keep the doors and windows open so that the seat can air out completely.

Cleaning Leather Car Seats

  • Step 1: Blot the Urine From the Car Seat With Absorbent Paper Towels

The first step in cleaning a car seat of urine is to blot it off with absorbent paper towels. To stop the urine from spreading, don’t wipe; instead, work from the soiled area’s edges toward the center.

  • Step 2: Remove the Leather Car Seat’s Stuffing

To empty the car seat’s padding, unzip it. See if there is any urinal odor. If your car seat doesn’t have a zipper and you can’t take the stuffing out, just move quickly so that the urine doesn’t harden in the stuffing.

  • Step 3: Clean off the Urine Using a Cleaner Specially Designed for Leather

Test the cleaner on a discrete area first to see if it has any negative effects on the leather before using it to clean your leather car seat. If there isn’t, use a pad or sponge to clean large areas with it. Just a little bit of cleaner should be applied to the sponge or pad.

Cleaning should be done in circular motions, and the entire seat should be cleaned, not just the damaged area. This stops water from getting on your car seat.

  • Step 4: Hand-wash the Leather Car Seat’s Stuffing

Use an enzyme-or bacteria-based cleaner to wash the stuffing by hand, being sure to be gentle. An enzyme cleaner is particularly effective at getting rid of cat poop because it will dissolve the uric acid present in your pet’s urine.

  • Step 5: Let the Car Seat’s Stuffing Dry Completely

Allow the stuffed animal to air dry outside. Leave it out in the sun if at all possible. This would hasten drying time and eliminate the pee smell in cars. No more than a few hours should pass during the drying process.

  • Step 6: Dry the Car Seat’s Leather

Keep the leather somewhere cool to dry it out. Avoid exposing it to the sun’s heat, which can bleach and harden the material. Leather may crack and dry when exposed to UV rays.


To avoid the odor lingering in the car and making rides uncomfortable, parents and pet guardians must deal with unintentional urination on car seats in a responsible manner. There won’t be any urine left behind if you simply follow the instructions for cleaning urine off a car seat.

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