How to get oil off car exterior?

It can be a real nightmare to discover a grease stain on the outside of your car.

You don’t want to leave a big, old grease stain on your car, but you also don’t want to damage the paint while trying to remove the grease stain.

If you’ve ever experienced this, you know how difficult it is to remove grease without further damage to your vehicle.

More often than I’d like to admit, I’ve been in that situation.

Continue reading CarMats if you want to learn how to clean grease stains from car exteriors.

what you need to do

To remove grease stains from a car’s exterior, you will need the items listed below.

Water & Dish Soap

Dish soap is a crucial cleaning agent for virtually any stain on any surface. When removing grease from paint, a small amount of grease-removing dish soap works wonders. It is also a useful tool to have around the house for cleaning stains of all kinds.

Microfiber rag or towel

A microfiber towel is a great option because it’s best to use something gentle and soft on your car’s exterior. Choose the towel that will be the kindest to the paint on your car from among the many excellent options available.

This one from Amazon, in my experience, performs admirably.


WD-40 works wonders on grease stains that are more difficult to remove. It should, however, only be used as a last resort if all other measures have failed. If overused, it can harm the paint of the car, so start out very slowly.

Step 1: Cover the stain in water. This is how to remove grease stains from a car’s exterior.
Try to remove as much of the excess grease as you can by wetting the area of the car that is stained.

You can use water as much as you’d like to remove the grease because it doesn’t significantly harm the exterior of cars.

Don’t worry if you can’t get all of the excess off; you can still try other methods.

Apply dish soap in step two.

You already know how effectively dish soap cleans up greasy messes if you’ve ever had a pan that was greasy after cooking.

Dish soap can still remove grease stains even if they aren’t on a dish.

A Word of Advice

When cleaning or maintaining your car, always use a soft, high-quality microfiber towel, like this one.

It will make a huge difference and significantly lessen paint damage to your car.

Start by gently scrubbing the grease stain with a microfiber towel and a small amount of dish soap.

Continue to add small amounts of soap to the towel as you start to remove it.

Buy a good brand of dish soap.

When you are cleaning the outside of a car, you must use high-quality cleaning products.

Many dish soaps are available that will do the job, but I prefer to use this one that I found on Amazon.

A Word of Advice

Avoid using a sponge or other rough cleaning equipment. It will harm the car’s paint much more than the microfiber towel will.

Rinse the soap, step 3.

After scrubbing the stain and getting rid of the grease, make sure it’s all gone by rinsing the area with water.

Repeat the previous step until there are no more grease traces left.


I hope it was interesting for you to learn how to clean grease stains off a car’s exterior.

You now know how to quickly and effectively remove grease from car paint in case you ever find yourself in a sticky situation and end up with your car covered in greasy residue.

Plus, you won’t have to struggle like I did to figure it out on your own.

By following these instructions, you can prevent the paint on your car from suffering much more damage and drive with the assurance you deserve.

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