How to install car floor mats simply

If you are facing a situation where the accelerator pedal is stuck even though you have just gone for car maintenance? Don’t know where this problem comes from? The problem is most likely in the way the floor mats are installed on your vehicle. To fix the above problem, please refer to the detailed instructions on how to properly install car floor mats below.

Cách lắp đặt thảm lót sàn ô tô

Steps to install car floor mats

Usually the carpet will be installed at the time of purchase, but in case you want to install the carpet yourself, there are some rules and installation steps required for the product to be installed correctly.

Step 1: Clean the car after removing the old carpet

If you’re using an old carpet, be sure to remove it first and clean the floor. Broom or mop are two items you can choose to clean the floor without leaving stains. Cleaning, removing foreign objects in every nook and cranny makes the installation of new car floor mats quicker and easier.

Step 2: Separate the driver and passenger seats

You need to move all the seats behind the steering wheel to the back to have ample space for carpet installation. For the rear seats, you do the opposite, pushing the two seats up.

Step 3: Put the carpet on the car in order

Place mats from the driver’s seat and then to the passenger, rear, and buttons. First, take the carpet in the front seat compartment, arrange it neatly, thread the carpet ears under the car, use the buttons to fix it.

In the rear seats, install the car floor mat similar to the upper compartment, place the carpet in the position of the rear seat, align it neatly, bend it with the floor, and then button the sides of the car.

Step 4: Check balance

This is the last step before completing the installation of car floor mats. You need to carefully observe whether the buttons are loose or not, the carpet is tight or not. If you do this step wrong, it will take you a lot of work to do it again after a short time.

Things to note when installing car floor mats

  • Pay attention to the size of the carpet when buying because the appearance of each vehicle is different, the standard size will bring the most perfect quality.
  • Be careful in the installation stages, avoid the case of installation in the opposite direction causing protrusion of the floor mats.
  • Pay special attention to the pads on the back of the steering wheel as there are variations in the form and size of the pads in this position.
  • Fasten the carpet knots to the floor surface.
  • Only spread one type of carpet, do not install many types that cause visual disturbances and loss of aesthetics.

When the installation is complete, you need to test it again by stepping on the gas pedal, brake pedal, testing the displacement to see if they are screwed with the floor. In addition, the installation of car floor mats is beautiful or not depends on your skills and experience.

The installation of 5D and 6D carpets also needs to follow the same process as above. Although each type of carpet has different characteristics, there are basically not too many differences. Good luck!

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