How to make your car not smell like weed?

Despite what the title might suggest, let’s be clear from the start: don’t drive the stone. The use of marijuana while driving is completely discouraged and we do not endorse the use of marijuana in any way. Now that we’ve removed the (hopefully obvious) disclaimer, let’s face it: there are bound to be situations where you could store or use marijuana in your car.

Going to the movies with friends or staying home on vacation? Speaking from personal experience, I can say that for about 3/4 of this year, it’s been too cold to smoke outside in New York City, where Veil’s headquarters are located. Also, when it comes to cannabis in and around the home, our mates have implemented a “don’t ask, don’t smell” policy.

Regardless of the reasoning behind your decision to smoke marijuana in the back seat of your Corolla, the smell of marijuana is likely to linger there for a while. While your friends, mom, or local law enforcement may not notice the distinct smell of marijuana, chances are they will!

Never fear, CarMats has some effective solutions to help you get rid of the smell of marijuana in your car, varying degrees depending on how bad the problem is.

Taking Away Weed Odor

Don’t take a fire hose to a water balloon fight. You probably don’t need to go to great lengths to get rid of the smell of marijuana if you’ve only been carrying your stash or have only taken a few covert hits from a small piece or a vape in your car. Try masking the odor with something much more pungent to see if that works first before running out to buy a new product or starting a major odor removal project.

In these situations, when the odor of cannabis I’m trying to get rid of isn’t particularly strong, I’ve had success with personal fragrances like cologne or perfume, common car fresheners or plugins, or my preferred tactic: strongly-smelling takeout food.

What better remedy than some chicken tikka masala or shrimp pad thai to get rid of the slight marijuana odor in your car? (or both, no judgment here). Or, here’s a crazy idea: how about we keep it straightforward and just open our windows and take a drive?

Getting Rid of Weed Odor

I understand that you’ve reached the point where you’re searching online for solutions to the weed odor in your car, so the aforementioned suggestions that simply mask the odor are probably not going to cut it. You’ll have to make more effort to eliminate the smell of marijuana smoke if you’ve smoked in your car for any length of time.

The flower is the part of the cannabis plant that you actually smoke, and like other flowers, it is filled with “terpenes” that emit a strong odor (especially when burned). These pungent molecules essentially become trapped in the air and surfaces of your interior when you smoke marijuana in a space that is so small and enclosed, like your car. To get rid of the smell of cannabis, you need a chemical reaction, which is why odor-removing sprays are helpful.

There are many sprays available that promise to get rid of cannabis odor. But shop with caution because the majority of these items are largely ineffective. With one spray called Ozium, which stoners have long sworn by, that isn’t the case. In actuality, Ozium is frequently promoted as an automobile odor remover.

Despite the fact that Ozium may be more effective than other products, this effectiveness is due to the fact that it contains many chemicals and toxic ingredients that can be extremely harmful to humans. The label for Ozium is extremely cautionary about inhaling or getting the substance on your skin, and it even tells you to spray it while wearing safety goggles!

We actually made Veil because I couldn’t find an odor-removing spray that was both reliable and secure. Veil is the modern cannabis consumer’s go-to weed odor spray. It’s made of non-toxic ingredients that actually take away marijuana’s odor and is scented with enticing organic essential oils.

Veil interacts with the pungent marijuana molecules, altering their appearance so that they are undetectable to the human nose. To get rid of the smell of marijuana after smoking, spray it in the air and on the interior fabric of your car.

Taking Up Weed Odor

Even the most potent weed odor eliminator spray is probably not going to completely get rid of the smoke smell in your car if you’ve developed the habit of hotboxing consistently over an extended period of time. And this is coming from the person who invented weed odor spray!

The truth is that you’ll need to treat the fabric and surfaces with a substance that will absorb the smell if you want to completely get rid of the pervasive cannabis odor from the fibers of your car’s interior.

Coffee grounds or baking soda are two options that you likely already have on hand at home. Use whatever you have on hand, though baking soda is the more potent odor absorber (you’ve probably used it before to absorb unwelcome smells in your fridge).

Many people claim that you can get rid of odors in your car by leaving a sizable, open container of baking soda or coffee grounds inside of it overnight, but I’ve found that liberally sprinkling either substance throughout the interior of the car works just as well.

Even though there are a lot of cleanups required, you still want to get rid of the weed odor, right? When using this technique, a strong handheld vacuum will be your best friend. After scattering baking soda or coffee grounds throughout the area, let it sit for at least 15 minutes before vacuuming it all up.

You can also try the same method using more pricey materials like activated charcoal or pet odor removers if you’re really motivated to get rid of the weed smell in your car. But be extra careful when using and cleaning up pet odor products because they often have nasty ingredients that can be harmful to both people and animals.

Get a head start on the issue

The best way to get rid of the weed smell in your car, aside from not smoking in it at all, is to keep an eye on the issue. Don’t let the stench linger between sessions until it becomes unbearably offensive. A spritz in time saves nine, as we never say at Veil but will now that we’ve thought of it.

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