How To Remove Weed Smell In Your Car?

Frequent smoking of marijuana in the car is one of many factors that can cause the car to smell like marijuana. If you smoke marijuana in your car with the windows down, you can expect it to smell like a pot for a while.

You frequently keep marijuana in your car, which could be another factor. As a result, the interior might smell like marijuana. This should not be a concern, not even for the police, as long as you are not impaired while driving.

If you want to remove that smell from your car. CarMats will show you some ways that can be helpful for you.

How To Remove Weed Smell In Your Car

The smell of the marijuana you just smoked in your car is intolerable. How do you behave?

We’ll go over some ways to keep your car smelling great even after using marijuana for a while. Let’s examine them below.

Use Odor Neutralizers

Your first course of action should be to use odor neutralizers, which can hasten the removal of the weed odor. Spray the neutralizer in the vents of the car first, then turn on the fans with the windows closed.

Spray inside the cabin as well, and leave the fans running for an additional 15 minutes. This would make it easier for the neutralizer to move through the vents of the car, which are sometimes hard to get to.

The odor neutralizers should be handled carefully because they may contain chemicals that can irritate your skin and eyes.

Once the odor has been neutralized before driving, you can always open the windows and doors to let the neutralizers out.

Air Out The Vehicle

Sometimes the problem can be fixed by rolling down the windows and letting air from outside move through the car.

When you’ve just finished a hotbox session, this may be ideal. This is when you roll up the windows while smoking marijuana to prevent the smoke from escaping the vehicle. People frequently engage in this behavior because they believe it will prolong their high.

Simply open the windows and crank up the fans to remove as much odor as you can.

If you park the car in a garage, leave the doors and windows open at night so the interior can easily air out.

Use An Air Freshener

To cover up the weed smell, an air freshener will work well. With a quick spray, the weed smell would vanish for a couple of hours.

While you can temporarily cover up the smell using this technique, it would be preferable to use one of the other approaches to do so.

To keep the air freshener smelling good, you might think about hanging it in your car. This is for people who want the scent of the air freshener to linger longer.

Use Essential Oils

It would be best if you could purchase an essential oil diffuser. This method can get rid of the smell of weed effectively and for good, making it better than using spray air fresheners.

Diffusers for essential oils are excellent because they can simply be attached to an AC vent. Fill the diffuser with your preferred essential oil so that when the AC is on, it will spread throughout the vehicle.

Some diffusers can be plugged into a USB port to keep your car smelling fresh at all times. For this kind, you don’t need to keep turning on the air conditioner.

Use Baking Soda

Another option is baking soda, particularly if the upholstery of the car has a strong weed odor.

Directly sprinkle baking soda on the carpets and upholstery, then let it sit for about two hours. After that, you’ll discover that baking soda works quite well as a car deodorizer.

You can leave baking soda in the carpets and seats overnight if the weed odor is too overpowering.

To get rid of the baking soda, use a vacuum. This technique is not well known, but it is effective at getting rid of the offensive odor of marijuana.

Use Activated Charcoal

The best choice for eliminating odors has always been activated charcoal. Purchase a few bags of activated charcoal for this project.

For the activated charcoal bags to effectively eliminate the weed odor, you can leave them in the car overnight.

After two days, replace the activated charcoal bags in the car with fresh ones.

Compared to other techniques, using activated charcoal can occasionally be messy. When your interior is light, for instance, is a good example. You might notice that the upholstery would become stained by the charcoal. It is advised that the charcoal bags should be kept under the seat.

Ground coffee is a substance that is similar to activated charcoal. To cover up the weed smell, put some dry coffee grounds in a cup and leave it in the car for two days.

Wipe The Surfaces With A Solution Of Vinegar And Water

The lingering weed smell can be covered up with a vinegar and water mixture. It works well for cleaning a variety of surfaces as well.

To begin, combine equal parts of white vinegar and water in a bowl. After that, wipe the surfaces with a microfiber cleaning rag that has been dipped in this solution. Ensure that the cleaning cloth is not overly wet.

Wipe down surfaces like the dashboard, steering wheel, and doors.

The smell of vinegar will cover up the weed smell, and your car’s interior will also be clean.

White vinegar could also be left in a small glass overnight. You should detect a change in your car’s odor after doing the same for a few days.

Deep Cleaning With Shampoo And Vacuum

The only thing to do, in some cases, maybe a thorough cleaning of the vehicle. You can have the car professionally detailed if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner or upholstery shampooer.

Use the upholstery shampoo to first thoroughly clean the inside of the car. The purpose of shampoo is to get rid of odor as much as possible.

To get rid of the dust and dirt in the car, you must also use a vacuum. Keep in mind that marijuana ash can land on your carpet if you smoke it. With the help of a good vacuum, you should be able to remove the ash and leave your car smelling fresh.

The car may need to be cleaned more than once to help get rid of the weed smell. You can now easily maintain a clean car in general.


Can changing the air filter eliminate weed smell?

It is possible for an old air filter to smell like marijuana. As a result, the cabin will continue to smell like marijuana every time the AC is turned on. You should therefore think about replacing it.

Should you smoke weed in your car?

It is not suggested, even if you can. This is because driving while high can cause your senses to become impaired. It’s just better to smoke marijuana inside your home while making sure it’s legal in your area.

Is weed smell permanent in the car?

No, After reading the above guide, you should now know the different things you can do to get rid of the smell of weed in your car.

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