Instructions choosing floor mats for each car model

For a car, floor mats are one of the most necessary accessories, because floor mats can help prevent the floor from getting dirty and scratched, and at the same time make the interior of the car cleaner when used for a long time.

Instructions choosing floor mats for car

Currently, on the market there are countless types of car floor mats with different designs and prices. Therefore, consumers need to think about how they need a carpet that is both quality, affordable, safe and does not affect driving the car.

Some criteria to choose car floor mats

A suitable car floor mat is the desire of most customers. It keeps your beloved car new. In addition, it contributes to safe, hygienic and healthy journeys. So buying a good carpet helps you protect your car.

Besides, it makes the car more luxurious and sophisticated. Each car use purpose is different, each type of carpet is suitable for you. So how do you know which type of car floor mat is right for your car? Always choose car floor mats according to the following criteria.

Easy to clean

An important piece of advice is choosing a car foot mat that can be kept at the bottom. It should be easy to clean and wash off after a short time of use. This is a basic requirement that all carpets need to meet.

Dust mark

This is an essential requirement to ensure aesthetics and avoid dust flying in the car. In particular, on hot summer days, we often like the air conditioner in the foot wind mode. This is when the dirt on the floor is easy to fly up and create a whirlpool of air in the car. This airflow greatly affects the respiratory system of the occupants of the car.

Exposure to dust in the car for too long will have acute and chronic effects such as an increased risk of asthma, obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia or cardiovascular disease. If dirt contains a lot of heavy metals, it can lead to cancer.

Therefore, choosing the right type of carpet is very important. For experts in the automotive field, we always recommend using Malaysian puppet carpets to ensure that the dirt is completely hidden, ensuring the user’s health.

Vehicle fit

First, the choice of carpet must depend on the suitability of the carpet to the car. You can’t choose a fur rug for an off-road vehicle and then the carpet cleaning will cost more than gas.

Your own or not. You need to know what you need in the carpet (material: rubber, fur, leather…) and the properties of the carpet (keep warm, beautify or clean the car) that are suitable for the car and usage habits. Then take into account the price of the carpet or the problems that arise later.


After choosing the type of carpet you need, you need to consider whether the type of carpet you choose is of good quality. In fact, floor mats are one of the items that are subject to quite a large impact from the environment because it comes in direct contact with the soles of shoes and absorbs all dust.

Therefore, do not regret a few hundred thousand but bring back a poor quality carpet, after a few meals a month and a half, it has dried and broken.

Choose a carpet with a beautiful design

Today, the aesthetic needs of customers are very high, a floor mat is not only to keep the car clean but also to help the car become more luxurious and sophisticated to attract customers.

Guaranteed high coverage

You should choose a carpet that can hug the car’s floor, creating luxury for the car interior and not letting dirt get in.

High adhesion

Car floor mats are usually a material that is almost glued to the brake pedal, so the installation of the carpet must also be meticulous, because if the carpet moves, it is likely to cause the brake to get stuck, which is very dangerous.

So, the best way is always to choose carpets with brackets, to help the carpet be fixed when used.

Instructions choosing floor mats for each car model

1. Taxi

For models purchased for service, the choice of carpet only needs to adhere to the following characteristics: cheap, clean and easy to clean. would like to advise readers to choose the type of rubber mat according to the roll.

These rubber mats are often the lowest on the market, have few seams, fixed neck edges, and can be pre-cut or not. Although this type of carpet is not of high quality, it has a low price and many designs, meeting the “use it and leave it” criteria of service taxis.

Low-cost taxis can use self-cutting plastic mats (but must be professionally cut), mid-range taxis can pay attention to OxGord’s Heavy Duty Universal brand.

2. Family car

For customers who buy family cars, the choice of floor mats will focus on comfort, convenience, and cleanliness. You can switch to felt carpets, leather carpets or genuine carpets specifically for car models.

More wealthy customers can choose 4D car floor mats, which have the advantage of covering 100% of the floor surface and have excellent dust blocking ability.

In particular, most of these carpets have latches and fixed textures, so the carpet rarely slips. In addition, the effect is odorless and smooth, so it is very suitable for families. Normally, cars using 4d floor mats are usually 5-7-seat cars like Inova, Fortuner, Everest…

3. Baby in the car – Car with children

For families with young children, the choice of floor mats also needs to be carefully considered, because children in the car often get dirty on the seats and carpets. So, it’s best to choose a rubber mat model to make it easier to clean, with a mid-range price, soft and close to the car.

Or if you are more willing to play, you can choose some lines of carpets with fun textures like BDK. This brand has produced quite a few lines of carpets with attractive cartoon logos such as Tweety Bird, Road Runner or Batman.

4. Off-road vehicle

If the car you are choosing is off-road, then the best carpet you are using must have extremely high slip resistance and the nature of the carpet must also be extremely easy to clean.

CarMats recommends choosing rubber mats with clear grooves to make removing mud stains from the driver’s shoes easier.

Normally, off-road drivers are quite fond of Rugged Ridge’s All Terrain carpets. This carpet model is made from tropical plastic, so it has better durability, especially the deep-groove design, relatively rough, just looking at it feels full of the breath of 4×4 cars that often struggle in areas terrain.

5. Luxury personal car

For those who buy luxury cars, the choice of floor mats is almost no longer important for the price. The carpet they need seems to be a car decoration instead of a necessity.

Therefore, CarMats recommends choosing high-end 5D leather floor mats.

This carpet model has an eye-catching design, soft leather quality and is often buttoned for each car model. In particular, these high-class carpets can be waterproof if the car is flooded or reduce the car’s temperature on a hot day.

In addition, the more advanced the carpet, the more models and materials, you can choose a pattern of 5d leather and felted carpet, which will definitely make your interior extremely outstanding and attractive.

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