What car does a fram ph3614 oil filter fit?

Many Dodge/Chrysler vehicles, including many of their 4-cylinder vehicles like the Dodge Neon, use PH3614 filters. Additionally, there are models from Toyota that are frequently used, like the 2.4-liter 4-cylinder. You should be aware that the Frame ToughGaurd filter, model number TG3614, and the PH3614, are equivalent.

So what vehicle utilizes a FRAM ph3593a oil filter? 

For use with 05-88 Acura, 02-01 Acura Truck, 99-96 Acura Truck, Bolens, Case, 88-85 Chevrolet, 05-01 Chrysler, Cub Cadet, Cushman, 95-88 Ford, Generac, 93-89 Geo, Grasshopper, Honda, 02-83 Acura, Acura Diesel, Acura Gasoline, Honda Marine, and Honda Power Equipment.

What follows is the question of how many miles an oil filter can last

You’ll hear that conventional oil should be changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. If you’re using synthetic, you may be able to travel 7,500 to as many as 15,000 miles in some circumstances. The limit is 50,000 miles.

What happens if I replace the filter but not the oil? 

If you don’t replace your oil filter, dirty, particulate-filled, unfiltered oil will start to flow toward your engine. This could eventually cause your engine to fail or rupture. After all, replacing an engine is much more expensive than replacing an oil filter.

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