What Does ASL Mean In a Car?

Have you ever noticed an ASL control while operating your vehicle? Even though not all cars have this ASL button, it could mean one of two things.

What does ASL for cars mean? Automatic Speed Limiter (ASL) or Automatic Sound Level Adjustment (ASL). The meaning of the button’s abbreviation may vary depending on what your manual says.

In this article, CarMats will explain to you what ASL means when it comes to driving options and when it comes to audio options.

What does ASL mean when talking about driving options

The ASL button may stand for Automatic Speed Limiter. The maximum speed that a car can go is restricted by this feature, which is present in some Jaguars and other vehicles. The car will be able to accelerate until it reaches the limit that the driver sets. After that, it will prevent the car from moving at a higher speed until ASL is turned off.

When you are traveling a long distance by car, you can use this. Set the Automatic Speed Limiter if you have a top speed that you don’t want to go over, and your car won’t go any faster than that. By lowering your maximum speed, you can avoid receiving tickets.

Your ASL button may be located in one of several locations, depending on your make and model. It can be on the steering wheel or close to the shifter, depending on the situation. In either case, you should be able to find out if you have this feature and how to use it in your car’s manual.

What Does ASL Mean When Talking about Audio Options?

The term “ASL” in relation to audio denotes automatic sound leveling. Based on a few factors, this feature automatically adjusts the volume of your stereo. This can make your car sounds louder if you’re traveling at higher speeds.

The ASL automatically adjusts for the excess noise as it rises, enhancing the sound of your stereo in the process. The ASL turns up the volume as your car gets louder. On the other hand, your stereo will become quieter as your car becomes quieter.

Even though it’s not a typical feature, you can find it on some expensive cars. When your car is loud, the ASL feature handles everything for you rather than requiring you to change the volume. You may occasionally be able to preset your volume on the ASL. You might have the option of selecting low, medium, or high. Sometimes, all it is is an on/off switch. If you want to know if your car has this feature, check your owner’s manual.


ASL is not a frequently used acronym. Automatic Speed Limiter or Automatic Sound Leveling are two possible meanings. Which one the ASL button stands for depends on where your button is. It’s probably for audio if it’s close to your audio controls. If the button is close to your cruise control, it most likely serves to limit your speed.

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