Why Does My Car AC Smell Like Pee?

At least once, when you turn on the air conditioner in your car, you will notice that it smells awful, almost exactly like pee.

This smell will make you feel so nauseated, especially on hot summer days, that you will become disoriented and no longer want to be in this small area.

Why does the AC in my car smell like pee? Follow CarMats to learn the solution to this quandary.

Why Does My Car AC Smell Like Pee?

Mold and bacteria getting stuck in the system, a dirty cabin air filter, or fumes getting out are common reasons why cars smell like pee.

Small animals getting into the system is also a rare cause, but it can happen if you don’t get rid of them often enough.

Mold And Bacteria Clog The System

Why does my car’s air conditioner smell like pee? Mold buildup in the car’s air vents is typically to blame for the pee smell in the AC.

Everywhere in the car, but especially in the evaporator, dust, soil, dirt, bacteria, and germs condense with the steam from the AC evaporator. When damp steam meets mold, it grows and spreads, giving off an unpleasant odor when the air conditioner is turned on.

The indoor unit and ductwork of the air conditioner are also moldy, which contributes to the strange odor that is present.

The car could overheat after the engine is shut off and the door is closed, and since the AC hasn’t dried out, moisture builds up. Mold will gradually grow over time and produce an unpleasant odor.

Cabin Air Filter Get Dirty

What causes my car’s AC to smell like pee? The AC fan will draw air from the outside in order for the car’s AC system to function.

Before going into the system, the air will go through a filter that will catch dust, mold, pollen, and other dirt.

As soon as the filter starts to catch dust, it will get very dirty very quickly.

It is one of the things that makes the ventilation system smell bad, which is usually rotten and sometimes burns.

You will notice a pee-like odor when you turn on the car AC because the air filter is clogged with dirt and other harmful pollutants.

Also, the dust filtration won’t work as well as before, and the air quality can’t be guaranteed. This means that the smelly smell will stay in your car for a long time.

Small Animals Intake The System

Why does my car’s air conditioner smell like pee? The engine compartment contains the dead carcasses of animals like mice and lizards, so the AC fan box can also release an unpleasant odor.

There will be an offensive odor in the car when the air conditioner is running.

Additionally, animal waste or urine may be the cause of the unpleasant odor of the AC. For this reason, most air conditioners begin to smell.

Fumes Release From Engine Oil Or Coolant Burning

Why does the A/C in my car smell like pee? When you turn on the AC, odors are also caused by coolant combustion or engine oil exhaust fumes.

Typically, the fumes produced by these processes will smell like burning.

However, a pee-like odor will appear if your ventilation system is broken and the engine oil you use is incompatible with your car.

The impact on the user and the environment causes the ventilation system, like other components and details on the car, to be affected and degrade over time.

When the system is damaged or malfunctioning, the interior of the vehicle becomes stuffy, a foul odor is released, and the air is contaminated, which is bad for your health.

How To Get Pee Smell Out Of Car AC?

Cleaning The Car’s Ventilation System With a Disinfectant

To clean the ventilation system in your car, you must first clear the obstruction in the system by unclogging the drain line.

The drain cord can then be carefully threaded into the hose after being detached from the AC unit. You must repeatedly push and twirl the wire inside the pipe to completely remove the obstruction.

The next step is to clean the air conditioner and all the car windows. Start your car, turn on the air conditioning, open the vents, turn on the blower, and keep it at the highest setting.

Because the AC needs to draw air from the outside, it would be best to turn off the circulation option.

Next, cover a disinfectant spray in the ventilation system next, while the car and AC are still running. The liquid should then be allowed to circulate through the system for 10 minutes while the car is still running.

In order to determine whether the moldy, urinal, or pee smell has vanished, turn off the air conditioner and the car.

Add more disinfectant if the odor doesn’t go away, and then let the vapors circulate through the ventilation system.

Replace The Filter

Altering the filter is another way to guarantee that the pee smell is gone from the car when the AC is turned on.

Over time, the ventilation system filter will start to wear out and become less efficient. Therefore, altering it will make the system run more smoothly and efficiently.

If any of these pollutants are still present, find your old filter, remove it, and clean the filter tank.

Take the ventilation cleaner and start it after that. Leave the filter tank empty for the time being. However, replace the lid.

Detonate the car’s air conditioning system by setting it to the recirculation setting. The mist will circulate throughout the system, killing any germs and mildew while also leaving you with a pleasant scent.

Cleaning Your Car

Sweeping all of the surfaces of the vehicle is a prerequisite before cleaning the seats, the floor, and any interior components. A vacuum cleaner can be used to wash cars.

You must completely get rid of any bad smells by getting into all the nooks, crannies, and hard-to-reach places.

To get rid of any unpleasant odors or stains, sprinkle baking powder over the seats and let them sit for 15 minutes.

The interior of the car can also be cleaned with vinegar, with an emphasis on areas with mold growth. Dilute the vinegar after washing the car so that strong smells don’t stick to the surface.

Use a steam cleaner to thoroughly wash the entire car after 20 minutes. You can use it to help you clean the body of the car of any dirt, mildew, or other unwanted materials.

How To Prevent Your Car AC From Smelling Like Pee?

Turn Off AC Before Stopping Driving

If the ventilation system is turned off before the car’s engine is turned off, the sudden rise in temperature won’t cause moisture to form inside the unit. This saves fuel.

Also, it keeps the car’s temperature close to the temperature outside, so you don’t get a shock when you open the door.

Therefore, turn off the air conditioner and start the blower 1-2 minutes before the trip is over to dry the air vents. It will prevent the moisture buildup that leads to mold and mildew.

Invest In Maintenance For The car’s AC System

Car air conditioners will run more effectively and last longer with regular maintenance and repairs.

The AC in a car needs to be maintained once a year or every 20,000 to 30,000 kilometers.

For cars that don’t get driven much, it’s important to check them once a year and then does regular maintenance every two years.

Try to perform a periodic inspection on vehicles that are frequently used or used in the passenger transport industry every six months. Every 12 months, a vehicle needs to be serviced.


How Do I Know If My Car AC Has Mold?

It is most likely that the ventilation system’s piping has been moldy if you have just gotten into the car, turned on the air conditioner, and smelled a foul odor.

When the engine is turned off and the car door is closed, the temperature inside the vehicle rises, which promotes the growth of mold. Moisture builds up because the air conditioner is not dry enough.

Long-term neglect of this condition will result in foul odors.

Is It Safe To Breathe In Car Air That Smells Like Pee?

The psychological impact on the passengers of the car is the most frequent result of the smell of pee in a car.

They’ll be annoyed and uneasy due to the cramped quarters and unpleasant odor in the car.

The smell in the car will aggravate the driver, possibly causing them to lose control of their speed and endanger other drivers, especially in the summer.

In addition, they will experience fatigue, shortness of breath, vertigo, and nausea. Long-term exposure can result in allergic diseases or respiratory failure.

How Long Will Urine Smell Last In Car AC?

Your air conditioner might start to smell like pee depending on how much mildew, fungus, or bacteria has been allowed to grow there.

The smell of pee becomes stronger as extra water is retained inside your ventilation system. So, the duration of odor persistence may change.


Why does the AC in my car smell like pee? Generally speaking, mold, a dirty air filter, released fumes, and small animals stuck in the system are the main causes of the pee smell coming from your car’s air conditioning.

You need to regularly clean your vents and the car to get rid of or prevent this odor. Also, you should turn off your air conditioner and do routine maintenance on it before you stop driving.

Why does the AC in my car smell like cat pee? We believe you’ve discovered the solution. See you in the upcoming posts, soon!

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