Why does my car smell like burnt popcorn?

Have you ever noticed that your car continues to smell like burnt popcorn hours after you’ve driven it around town? Check out this in-depth article on how to make a smell if you’re curious why it smells the way it does. To give you the answer, we talked to the authorities in this area.

Burnt clutch linings often cause cars to smell like popcorn. Burnt coolant can also be the source of the smell.

You don’t want to constantly smell burnt popcorn. But as we all know, it happens from time to time. Continue reading to know that you won’t need to take any special action to solve this problem, so don’t worry!

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What Gives Off a Burnt Popcorn Smell in a Car?

When a car starts to smell like burnt popcorn, there are two potential causes. One is caused by the burning off of a clutch lining, and the other is caused by coolant. Let’s first explain these two before delving further into the details.

1 The lining of the clutch

A clutch lining is a thin layer of material that keeps the clutch’s metal plates from contacting one another. It is typically made of ceramic, kevlar, or feramalloy. Additionally, the lining transmits pressure exerted by the plates to the friction material.

The clutch lining also serves as a cushion between the flywheel and the pressure plate. This substance aids in reducing friction between the two parts.

It is a crucial part of the clutch system, so if the clutch starts slipping, you must have it replaced.

One of the best signs that your clutch lining needs to be checked is the smell of burnt popcorn. The smell will also alert you to an overheating clutch lining, in which case you should stop driving and replace the clutch right away.

If you don’t change a worn clutch lining, you’ll notice a noticeable change in how your car performs. Your car will begin to feel sluggish, and you’ll find yourself having to adjust the clutch and gas pedal more frequently than usual.

Additionally, whenever the clutch disc overheats, you can smell burnt popcorn because both popcorn kernels and clutch discs contain phenol.

An organic binder used in the creation of numerous products is a phenolic resin. It is a kind of synthetic polymer made from formaldehyde and phenol. Phenolic resin is frequently found in clutch discs, brake shoes, and brake pads.

2 Coolant

Radiator fluid, also referred to as antifreeze coolant or car coolant, aids in preventing internal engine overheating by enhancing engine efficiency and lowering the amount of heat produced there.

In most cases, coolants are made of ethylene glycol (EG) and a few additives. Propylene glycol is another glycol-based coolant.

Popcorn kernels are one of the numerous packaged foods and consumer goods that contain propylene glycol. The use of propylene glycol in food is safe, according to the Food and Drug Administration [FDA].

Every day, 23 mg per kilogram of body weight should be taken in as propylene glycol.

Burnt popcorn odor is unmistakably a warning sign that your coolant needs to be changed.

What Could Be Wrong If My Car Smells Like Something Is Burning?

If you’re driving and you smell burning to come from your car, you need to be aware of the potential causes.

Although it is typical for cars to smell unpleasant when the brakes or engine are overheating, this is not the only time this can happen.

If there is a noticeable burning smell when you start your car, it may be the result of an electrical fuse that has burned out. Smoke and a popping noise might accompany the odor. This might indicate a blown fuse.

Additionally, a burning smell could be released by an overheating AC compressor. This may indicate that there is a problem with your cooling system.

The part of the car that is most susceptible is the brake pads. They usually need to be replaced because they become worn out. The vehicle may also smell bad burning due to worn-out brake pads.

Check your car’s braking system if you notice a burning smell inside. Before moving on to a more involved step of the troubleshooting process, it pays to check the brake pads first.

Learn how to fix common burning smells in your car by watching the video below:

My Car Has a Burnt Toast Smell – What Might Be Off?

One of a car’s weakest components is its electrical system. When there are electrical surges or shorts, fire, smoke, or other dangerous things can happen.

A serious electrical short in your car’s electrical system may be indicated by a strong but disagreeable smell coming from the engine compartment. These might include the ignition coil, alternator, and battery.

These electrical shorts can result in a variety of damages, from the annoyance of an offensive odor to riskier circumstances like sparking, overheating, and even fire.

What Smells Like An Overheated Brake Pad?

The brake pad component makes contact with the disc or drum rotor. Its wear and tear can result in the wheel slipping, which could send you careening down the road.

The telltale sign that the brake pads on your car have overheated is the smell of the burning carpet. The friction from braking presses the hot brake pads against the rotors as they heat up.

Friction is caused by heat, and friction produces more heat. Your brakes will overheat as a result of this process.

Avoid letting your brakes get too warm. Even though they are built to withstand the heat, they may still malfunction. Therefore, if you notice that your car’s brakes are overheating, stop driving it until the issue is fixed.

Can a car with low oil cause a burning smell?

If you notice that your car has started to smell like smoke while you’re driving, the engine may have low oil levels. A leak in the engine may also be the cause of the low oil level.

All the moving parts in your car use engine oil as a lubricant. This lubrication aids in the engine’s proper operation. If the oil in your vehicle is low, some of the parts may not be receiving enough lubrication.

This might result in more engine damage and wear, which would make the car run poorly as a result of overheating. This burning odor could be a result of certain parts not receiving adequate lubrication.

The Most Common Reasons For Overheated Engines

One of the most intricate machines on Earth is the engine of a car. It is best to be familiar with the parts and how they function in order to understand what causes an engine to overheat. Here are two typical reasons why engines overheat.

1. A faulty water pump

The water pump is the mechanism that enables the engine’s coolant to be circulated.

The coolant circulates through the radiator, cylinder head, and other components of the car involved in transmission and acceleration as the engine heats up. The engine overheats and shuts down if the water pump fails.

It is also made sure that there is enough coolant in the system to keep the engine running for a suitable period of time. If the coolant level drops, it must be replaced or added right away.

2 Radiator problems

When a car is moving, the radiator circulates coolant through the engine block to cool the engine. If the radiator can cool the whole engine well enough, the engine will run more smoothly and effectively.

You might experience issues with overheating if the radiator is clogged or leaking. Your car will smell strongly of burned material when it is overheating. This could be a sign of a leaky or clogged radiator.

This issue can be resolved in two different ways. You can either replace the radiator or fix the leak, depending on how serious the problem is. The best course of action in this situation is to replace the radiator. Your mechanic will completely replace and reinstall the radiator in the vehicle.

You can call a mechanic to come over and fix the problem for you if you find yourself in a situation where you have a clogged radiator and don’t want to replace it (which makes sense).

In conclusion

It is simple to confuse the smell of burnt popcorn with an engine issue. We now know that this problem is not particularly serious. It’s a gentle reminder that your car, like you, needs some tender loving care now and then. 

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