Why does my car smell like crayons?

The majority of Volkswagen car owners frequently ask, “Why does it smell like crayons? ” When a car owner experiences a Volkswagen for the first time, they frequently ask this question. You’re not alone if the smell of melting crayons permeates your car. So what is the response to this query?

Because wax is used in the manufacturing of the car for both rust prevention and isolation, Volkswagen vehicles have a crayon-like odor. Crayons would begin to smell if any wax started to melt.

If you’ve asked your friends and family about the smell, you might wonder if there’s a problem with the car. We’ll talk more about this issue and how Volkswagens sometimes have a crayon-melting odor. We’ll go over what causes the interiors of Volkswagen cars to smell like crayons in the sections below.

Why do Volkswagens have a crayon-like odor? 

You shouldn’t be concerned that something is wrong with your car if it has an odd crayon smell. No one is pulling a prank on you, either, so that has nothing to do with it. What then is the cause?

Some of the causes of this phenomenon are listed below.

One of the potential causes of the odor is the wax that was applied during the car’s manufacturing process. The car is protected from rusting by the use of this wax. When it’s very hot outside, the wax melts and lets out that strange crayon smell, making it more noticeable. 

Crayons are made of paraffin wax, which also happens to be used on the vehicle’s undercarriage. 

A different explanation for the smell is that it originates from the insulation material used beneath the carpet at the back of the dash. This material has a thick wax coating. Therefore, there is a chance that this insulation material is the source of the crayon odor.

These possibilities typically occur during the summer or other hot weather conditions. In these conditions, the wax that coats the car frame inside heats up and begins to melt. Volkswagens may smell like crayons because of this melting wax. 

Melting wax is generally accepted as the cause of Volkswagens’ smelling like crayons. In warm weather, the wax used to coat the car’s undercarriage melts. You will also see some dirt adhered to the wax that has melted underneath your car.

On occasion, people will also spray wax on the interior surfaces of the car that are prone to moisture. See the article.

You might wonder if you need to take action because when the wax melts, the odor it releases can smell like crayons.

What can be done to reduce and get rid of the crayon smell in the car? 

When the temperature drops, this smell should disappear. Some people may find the crayon smell unpleasant, so getting rid of it might help them enjoy their time in their car more. You can try the following remedies to get rid of the odor.

Applying a different rust-prevention product, such as a rubberized undercoating spray or another coating spray, is one way to remove the wax coating. You can use this to transform the smell of crayons into a less offensive solution. 

Another option is to take the carpet out and check to see if the insulation there has a wax coating. If it needs to be replaced, you can do so, and the obnoxious crayon smell won’t be present any longer. In its place, you could also put in a better insulation to lessen noise from the road. 

Using an ozone car plugin is another option for getting rid of odors in the vehicle. If they are leaking onto a warm or hot engine part, some oils and fuels may smell somewhat like crayons. If you believe the smell is coming from fuel or oil, look for any leaks. 

The use of an odor spray is among the simplest ways to find a temporary fix. Activated charcoal can also be used to absorb odors. These can aid in reducing car odor.

There is no need to look for a solution if the smell does not bother you. Even though the issue will eventually go away, if you’re determined to solve it right away, you can try one of the aforementioned solutions.


Many cars have wax finishes to help prevent rust. Sometimes the wax can ooze out and start to smell. Because wax is like the wax used in crayons, some people believe it smells exactly like crayons.

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